3 Shoe Trends to Follow This Fall

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Christian Louboutin, the resident shoe-genius of the fashion world, once said, “A woman carries her clothes, but it’s a shoe that carries her.” And when the right shoe carries you, every step
on the road feels like a step on the runway. Follow these trends for this
season and get that perfect shoe for yourself:

Ain’t nobody seen booties like these


Whether your style is vintage, eclectic, classic or modern, booties are the “it” shoes for women you need this season. Raging hard on fashion shows everywhere, booties are super
versatile and guaranteed to keep your toes toasty and warm in winter. The right
pair of booties look good on whatever you’re wearing, be it skirts, jeans,
culottes or trousers. This season’s hottest booties can be seen sporting fancy
embellishments and floral embroidery. Don’t stick to normal colours, instead experiment
with different fabrics and patterns to bring more attention to your shoes. You
can also opt for glitter booties to glam up a boring day.

Over-the-knee for over-the-top drama


In the world of shoes, knee-high boots are probably the one style that intimidates most women. And it is also the one style that every fashion-forward girl should have. And this season,
it’s all about over-the-knee boots in as many textures and patterns as you can
imagine. Take a bold step forward this fall in suede boots with metal
embellishments. While we would steer clear of lace-up boots, glitter and floral
are the hottest patterns for over-the-knee boots. Keep the rest of your outfit
minimal and let the boots overpower your outfit. One thing to remember is the
fit – make sure they are not too loose.

Fur fashion’s sake



Some of the most influential brands of the world are on a mission to transform basic shoe styles into the
most luxurious ever. Take your slip-ons for instance, or simple stilettos –
everything has faux fur in its design. This fall wardrobe, incorporate this
luxe material in your style and see the temperatures rising. Whether it’s a
fur-lined insole or a small furry heel, with these shoes you will definitely
bring a whimsical but glamorous look to your outfit. 

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