3 Statement Pieces to Look Flawless in Casual Wear

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We all enjoy being comfortable. Whether or not we just came home from a long day of work or we’ve been relaxing on the couch, many of us choose to wear clothes that makes us feel relaxed rather than feeling uptight. Wearing casual clothes is a luxury many of us choose to go with since it makes us look and feel good. That’s a total win-win no matter how you look at it. With casual wear being such a popular option, you might be wondering what trends are being set this year. Here are three statement pieces to look flawless in casual wear for 2017 and how to really pull off the look.




Your beloved pair of sneakers can accomplish much. With a pair of sneakers, you can go on a long hike with a loved one, or you can walk a great distance to get to your chosen destination. Without sneakers, life would be a painful existence. Imagine walking in your high heels through the city instead of sneakers! There are many types of women’s sneakers out there that can provide you with amazing style while keeping your feet comfortable. Some of the hottest women’s sneakers brands include Converse, Adidas, and Nike. With a pair of one of these well-known and distinguished brands, you’ll be rocking the casual look in absolutely no time.





Nothing screams casual like a pair of nice fitting jeans. Of course, the style of the jeans you choose is completely up to you and your personal preference. Currently, Michaels Kors is featuring flared jeans as a popular design choice. You can never go wrong with the skinny jean look, either. However, if you really want to make a statement this year, you can go with Marc Jacob’s high-waisted and wide-cropped jeans. It is a retro look that is really making a comeback this year. Also, don’t forget to incorporate colored jeans into your wardrobe to add some variety.




Where would we be without our beloved t-shirts? No matter how you look at it, t-shirts are a very important part of our wardrobes, whether they’re being worn as a quick pajama top or as the statement piece of an outfit for a night out with the girls. This year, make sure to focus on two different patterns: stripes and gingham. Stripes that go in any direction, whether horizontal or vertical, are very in style this year. One good example of a striped t-shirt that is essential for casual wear is this one by Free People. As you can see, it would go perfect with a pair of jeans in any shape and a pair of sneakers by any brand. The same goes for gingham; this fun print will definitely be a wise wardrobe addition. Don’t forget to add solid shirts to your collection as well.



These suggestions can be used for working in a casual environment, hanging out with friends, or relaxing at home. Dressing in casual wear is truly a luxury that many enjoy. Sneakers, jeans, and t-shirts are the perfect fashion statements to accomplishing the look successfully. Enjoy looking your best in style and comfort.

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