3 Tips on Hiring Warehousing Logistics Providers for Branded Events

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Planning a branded event tour takes a lot of manpower and some pretty serious logistics. Just look at some of the Red Bull tours; 100 yards worth of track, dozens of motorcycles, lighting equipment, riser eating and multiple crates of audio/video equipment must all travel to and from various locations. Whether a brand requires temporary storage solutions during a break from the tour, or it is undergoing an expansive global tour with a precise schedule, the tour manager needs a team of logistics experts with warehousing solutions capable of accommodating specialty cargo. The tour manager’s job will be significantly easier if he works with a warehousing logistics provider that can expertly cover the three main components to this vital service: storage, freight forwarding, and legal / insurance. If you are a tour manager for a branded event and you can locate a company that provides these three services as part as a warehousing logistics operation, you should experience nothing but smooth sailing.

1.    Find a Single Warehousing Provider, Not Several

Branded events typically travel great distances on their tours. Needless to say, international tours will require multiple warehouses but even national branded events cover great ground ranging from Florida to New York and from Colorado to California. This means your warehousing logistics company needs to have a massive network of warehousing locations accessible to major highways and freeways. The warehouse spaces also need to be able to accommodate the specific type of cargo. In some cases, climate control and moisture controlled settings must be present in the warehouse, while other occasions will call for a space to store unique, large-scale items like cranes, vehicles, and giant staging items like stage props.

When working with multiple warehousing logistics providers on a branded tour, unnecessary time spent cross-managing vendors is going to impact one’s overall ability to ensure the tour goes off without a hitch. Also, hiring multiple warehousing companies can be more expensive than working with one go-to provider.  

2. Hire a Provider Capable of ALL Freight Forwarding Solutions

While some warehouse logistics companies only offer certain types of freight forwarding, the true industry experts offer it all. It is common to find a provider who won’t do ocean freighting or specialty concierge services, but the best in business have assembled teams to accommodate any client with specific needs. Ocean freighting, rail, air cargo, private person charters and specialty items via concierge are all services that should be offered. Once you confirm that all these freight forwarding options are available under the same roof, look for the quality of their capabilities. Moving large, awkward objects requires special trucks and management teams to ensure the items are properly secured and not damaged during transit.

3. Legal and Insurance

Your warehousing logistics provider should be able to cover any legal requirements and ensure the cargo with in-house solutions. For example, when branded events go on global tours they will need ATA carnets so their cargo can enter foreign countries without going through time-gobbling inspections by customs officials. If the branded tour has living goods like livestock or flora and fauna, they may need special permits or passports. Your warehousing logistics company will be able to research legal requirements, get all the permits finalized and in a row, and have everything insured to ensure the event is a huge success behind the scenes. 

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