3 Tips to Clean your RV

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When the road beckons, you cannot resist hopping on your RV and heeding to its call. A family that uses RVs is a happy family. As exciting and fun as it is, remember to keep your RV spotless whether you are using it or not. Since you do not leave in a dirty home, it is only logical to keep your motorhome clean. Cleaning materials and detergents are some of the most important RV accessories. A dirty RV is uncomfortable and a potential health hazard. It is also embarrassing to be seen in a dirty RV. Let us look at some tips to keeping your RV clean and fresh.

Start with the Exterior
The exterior should be the easiest place to clean. Start with a full body wash. Remove all the accumulated dirty with water and detergent. You will require:
?    Hose pipe
?    Water
?    Detergent
?    Squeegee
?    Washcloth
?    Glass cleaner
?    Roof cleaner Broom
?    Ladder
?    Tire Brush
?    Tire Cleaner
?    Roof
Once you are armed with all these items, you are ready to go. This is the only occasion you are allowed to start climbing your tree from the top. Position your ladder and take your roof cleaner, broom, and hose pipe and go up. Sweep your roof to rid it of all the dust. Wet the roof and pour some mild detergent. Use your roof cleaner to scrub and clean. Splash more water and leave it to dry.

After cleaning the roof, take the same tools and clean the sides. Skip the broom. Apply detergent on the RV and scrub gently using a washcloth. Wash all around and rinse using your hose pipe. Let all the water drain before starting on the windows.

Climb down using your ladder and start on the windows. If you are a short person, the ladder will still be useful. Open your RV windows and spray the glass cleaner. Use your squeegee to clean in vertical and horizontal strokes. Take your washcloth and soak up excess water from the window frames and corners.

Splash some water on the tires with your hose pipe to get rid of loose mud and dust. Apply your tire cleaner and scrub using your tire brush. Splash more water to rinse and leave the tires to dry.

Go to the Interior
Cleaning the interior requires extra caution due to the electric devices and furniture. Before cleaning, take out all the floor mats, beddings, and clothing.

Take a duster and dust all the walls thoroughly. Use a wet washcloth to clean the stubborn stains.

Empty all your cabinets and clean them using detergent and water. Take a sponge and soak it in water. Apply detergent and run the sponge all over the cabinet. Scrub gently to remove any grease. Rinse the sponge with clean water. Run it all over the cabinet including the hinges and knobs. Rinse until all the detergent is removed. Use a paper towel to dry. Clean all the utensils and dry them. Wash the sinks and the kitchen towels.

This will depend on your type of floor. A normal tiled floor requires a mop and water. Clean your floor as you clean your home.

Bathrooms and toilets
Clean these with the appropriate cleaners and mop the floors.

Living area
Dust the furniture and electronics using a dry cloth.
After all the cleaning is done, return your floor mats and use an air freshener. Your RV is ready to hit the road.

Cleaning on the Road
You RV accessories cleaning does not end here. You will require keeping it clean on the road.
Keep a mop nearby. The mop will clean up any water spillages all around your RV.
Have a laundry basket: This will reduce the mess in the sleeping areas and the living areas.
Do not litter. Put everything in the garbage bins and reuse what is reusable.
Use disposable utensils. These will reduce the dirt in the kitchen.
Carry a broom. This will help you clean the camping space for the next user.
Carry enough detergent. You will need to clean dishes, the floor, the toilet, and the bathroom.
Cleaning your RV inside and out is as simple as that.

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