3 ways not to lose friends on a trip

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1. In advance to agree about a route. All people different, and friends too. The route needs to be made in advance and together. Otherwise, you will want to go to the museum, and to friends to shopping. Perhaps, in it, there is also nothing bad – if you have planned walks around the city. As well as with trips, it is necessary to think about the writing of the essay in time. And if all of you have forgotten about him, you can just ask for the help in essay writing services. And if the trip to other city is necessary to you? You want to come to ruins of the Greek church, and it isn’t interesting to friends at all and they prefer to go without stops forward. How you think, the mood from similar disagreements will improve?


2. To compare budgets. In order to avoid disagreements during the choice of the place for a lunch or a dinner. Agree, everything it will be uncomfortable if you choose cafe with the average check in 20 euros, and friends call there where it is necessary to lay out everything 100.


3. If you, and the company have children of teenage age, they have to be on friendly terms with themselves too. Otherwise impulsive teenagers risk to spoil all rest and, in addition, to start a quarrel between parents.

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