3 Ways Notebooks Can Make You More Productive

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In this digital age of smartphones and computers, many of us rely on a host of apps and online reminders to keep our lives organised. You would be for forgiven for thinking that the days of the humble pocket notebook are well and truly numbered. But, if you want to maximise your productivity, don’t go completely paperless just yet.

Writing things down with a paper and pen has been proven to be far more effective when it comes to linking your brain to the tasks at hand and helping you to work efficiently. Here are 3 reasons why a simple notebook and pen can help you to become a more productive person, both at home and at work:

1. Writing by hand positively effects your brain

Studies have found that writing notes by hand enables you to digest and process information more effectively than typing notes on a computer. It requires different types of cognitive processing that force the brain to engage more actively, resulting in greater comprehension and retention.

In this study, scientists found that students who took notes by hand remembered more and had a deeper understanding of  class material than those who took notes on laptops.

2. Analogue systems help you prioritise more effectively

Ever heard of bullet journaling? It’s an analogue system of planning and prioritising work using a journal. It uses rapid logging to speed-up the traditional note-taking process via a series of symbols, logs and indexing.

It’s a great way to tie together all the to-do lists you have floating around as well as to set goals and track habits. Basically, all you do is have daily and monthly logs (or lists) which you keep organised in a table of contents (or index) that you update as you go.

It’s an analogue system that works pretty well in partnership with digital apps and reminders.

3. A notebook keeps you focussed

Ever picked-up your phone to check your Google calendar or view a notification and found yourself wrapped-up in scanning social media or reading random blog posts you didn’t set-out to read? Whilst smartphones can be very effective at organising and storing information, they can also provide a major distraction from the task at hand.

When you sit down with a notebook, you have no choice other than to focus on the blank page in front of you. Before you switch your computer on when you get to work, try sitting at your desk with a notebook and a pen to plan out your tasks for the day. It really helps you to establish your priorities and which tasks to focus on before getting distracted by e-mails and digital clutter.

So don’t chuck the notebooks out just yet! There’s always space for pen and paper when it comes to working more productively. 

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