30 Unknown Facts About Goddess Lakshmi

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Goddess Lakshmi, wife of Lord Vishnu is recognised as the “ The Goddess who Accords strength to Gods ”. In relation to Vaishnavism, Lord Vishnu is treated as the Supreme God. These are the lesser known facts of Goddess Lakshmi, get to know if you are not aware of them.



Lakshmi is derived from its primitive form ‘LakS’ in Sanskrit. LakS means “ to observe or perceive”. This is similar to the meaning of the word ‘Laksya’, Objective or Aim. Goddess Lakshmi has different names which we will see in further facts.


As mentioned earlier, she has got several names such as Aishwarya, Kalyani, Rujula, Vaishnavi, Narayani, Bhargavi, Jalaja, Lalima, Kamalika, Sridevi, Samruddhi, Shreya, Chakrika, Manushri, Nandika, Sujatha, Chanchala and Madhavi. In relation to Sri Mahalakshmi Ashtakam,  She is also called as Jaganmatha, which means “Mother of the Universe”.

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