4 Common Types of Cancer Treatments

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Millions of people suffer from cancer every year in India. Hearing the word cancer turns our world upside down. And, the next thing that comes to our mind is to get the best possible treatment and medical care. Thus, to choose the right doctor and treatment is one of the challenging tasks for a patient and his family in the fight of cancer. There are numerous treatments for cancer. The type of treatment usually depends upon the type of cancer you have and how advanced it is. 

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Here are the following cancer treatments that you must know:

1. Radiation Therapy: Like surgery, radiation therapy is used mostly to treat localized cancers. In this type of cancer treatment, high doses of radiation are used to shrink tumors and kill cancer cells. Radiation destroys them so that they can’t grow. Radiation therapy can be used alone or along with surgery or chemotherapy. More than half of all the people suffering from cancer get radiation at some point.

2. Surgery: Most of the people with cancer undergo surgical treatment, especially if it seems to be present in one localized area. In this procedure, a surgeon removes cancer from your body. Surgery is most successful when the tumor has not spread in other areas. Surgery offers the chance to cure several types of cancers.

3. Chemotherapy: This is a type of cancer treatment that uses drugs to kill cancer cells. Unlike surgery or radiation therapy, chemo drugs can be used to treat cancers that have spread throughout the body, because they can easily travel through the blood stream. Chemotherapy can be used to treat these following conditions:

·         Cure the cancer.

·         It kills cancer cells that may have already spread.

·         Slow down the growth of cancer.

·         It relieve symptoms caused by cancer.

·         Shrink a tumor before surgery is done to remove it.

·         It lowers the risk of cancer coming back after surgery.

4. Hormone Therapy: This therapy works by lowering the level of hormone in your body. Prostate cancer needs testosterone to grow and some breast cancers are stimulated by progesterone and estrogen.

Remember, a good health is essential for a successful life. Therefore, there are several hospitals that believes in giving the better life to its patients with advanced cancer treatments in Hyderabad and other metropolitan cities; Apollo Health City is one of the best cancer hospitals in Hyderabad.

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