4 Luxury Gym Wear Brands To Help Motivate You

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With the dependence on social media, people everywhere are tirelessly trying to get their bodies in the perfect shape to impress, wear certain types of clothes and more important feel good about themselves. We all understand the thought of working out can be less than ideal, however, purchasing stylish and the right type of activewear can give you the added motivation you need to get into the shape you want! Here are some brands you need to discover to rejuvenate your motivation!


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 Lou & Grey Form


The Lou & Grey Form is part of the LOFT’s brand that has been launched as part of extension of the brand. It brings together signature materials in order to create aesthetically pleasing and luxury pieces. The Lou & Grey brand provide clothing that is designed for comfort and high-intensity workouts, however, for a price that is slightly higher. For around $40-$70 per item, it’s a little bit more expensive but you are getting exactly what you paid for.


Olympia Activewear

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As the name suggests, Olympia Activewear is true luxury. The brand brings a streamlined approach to the gym wear world, which is inspired by Ancient Greece. It appreciates women and helps them feel empowered when the clothing is worn rather than producing neon mesh based clothing. The fitness-friendly brand has prices that range of $80 to around $300 which highlights the luxury. If you are truly looking to find individualistic pieces married with comfort, Olympia Activewear is the brand that you need.


Totum Fitness


Totum Fitness are a relatively new brand that specialises in creating pieces for functional fitness and CrossFit. However, with a surge in popularity, Totum Fitness have seen their pieces worn everywhere. The brand is designed by athletes and is for athletes. The team at Totum Fitness ensure that the brand uses the right technology to develop CrossFit clothing that is perfect and right for the gym and for comfort. It has seen a little store in Liverpool turn into a favourite around the whole of the UK. For all your functional fitness needs and a stylistic option, Totum Fitness is an essential luxury brand.



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Koral is the fashionable alternative to the number of gym brands that are accredited as ‘streetwear’. It is designed for women who love fashion, but only as much as she loves to work out. The combination of faux leather, fitness fishnet mesh tops and of course a sports bar will see anyone who purchases Koral be the best dressed person at the gym by a long stretch.

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