4 main weaknesses of transformer laptops that you should know about!

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Now the market of mobile PCs has started offering quite interesting devices called transformer laptops. This type of computer combines the advantages of laptops and tablets. However, they have their drawbacks, so let’s see what exactly may go wrong so that you won’t be upset after the purchase.


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The secret of such devices lies in a special lid fastening design that easily turns the laptop into a tablet. There are a lot of pros of such transformers: they have a slim body and high productivity. Besides, they are convenient for typing texts. But they also have serious drawbacks too.

Let’s get acquainted with the disadvantages of laptop-transformers to have a full picture before buying!


The transformer has all the advantages of an ultrabook, which increases its weight compared to the tablet. Moreover, the touch screen and the special design of the lid also add extra weight.

Such a gadget is quite difficult to hold in your hands for a long time in the tablet mode.


Vulnerability of fasteners

Fastening of the transformer cover is a complex structural unit, vulnerable to rough mechanical exposure.

This is especially true about those transformer laptops that have a special hinge.

Screen sizes


Most transformers have a screen diagonal of 11 “or 13”. For a tablet, 11 inches is enough, but for a laptop it is clearly not enough. In the case of the 13” diagonal everything is exactly vice versa.

Therefore, it is problematic to find a balanced solution with the dimensions of the screen of transformers.

 High price

A transformer is a 2 in 1 solution: it’s an ultrabook and a tablet at the same time. And the ultrabook means it features a high performance, stylish design, slim body, which is not cheap.

Elements that turn the device into a tablet (touch screen, cover fixing, additional physical keys, etc.) add a serious amount to the cost of the gadget!

 The conclusion is the following: take a classic reliable light ultrabook and stay mobile! If it’s too big for you – then buy the tablet. If you still dream about a transformer laptop, narrow the circle of choice to the most reliable branded models!


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