4 methods to free up some space on your computer.

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Everyone has received a message from the computer that is running out of the space. Seriously this is most stressful part when you work on the computer. In this article we are going to explain 3 very fast ways to free up some space and you can continue to work relaxed. 

1.    Delete temp files

The first option we are list is deleting temp files. Using windows interface is very easy to realizing this task.  The procedures is the same for both Windows operation system, 7 and 10.

Step 1:

Delete windows 7 and 10 temp files
In the Start menu, select the All Programs option and choose System Tools from the Accessories menu.


Step 2: 
From here select “Disk Cleanup”. The wizard will identify the files it thinks you can delete, also telling you how much hard-drive space it will free up.

diskcleanup to delete temp files windows

Delete windows 7 temp files
Step 3: 
From the list, untick the boxes to ensure just” Temporary files” and “Temporary internet files” is selected. Click “Clean up system files”. Also you can check other options to delete unused files.

2.    Delete hiberfile.sys

The hiberfil.sys hidden system file is in the root folder of the drive where the windows system is installed. The size of the file is approximately equal to how much random access memory (RAM) is installed on the computer. Hibernate mode use the hiberfil.sys file to save the current state (memory) of the PC, you can’t remove the file. So if you never use hibernate, than its time for you to get your hard drive space back.

You can easily disable Hibernation from Windows XP through the GUI using the following steps:

  • Open control Panel and access power option.
  • Find The Hibernate option.
  • Uncheck the box “Enable hibernation.

Reboot your PC and you can delete hibernate file.

3.    Delete Recycle Bin

Sometimes we delete big files like videos and photos and automatically they stored on Recycle Bin. We usually forget to empty Recycle Bin and this is perfect time for you to empty it and maybe to free up some space.

4.    Clear the Download folder

It’s time to check your download folder.  Many times we download big files or program and after completing installation forget to delete the file. The folder goes big over the time. Go and do a fast check of you folder and for sure that you will free up some space.

In the end if you will need some other extra space for you urgent work it’s time to use cloud space. We recommend to download and register to the best cloud applications like Dropbox, OneDrive or google drive.  Those will be your saviors for the short time.


And if all o tips that we explain in end didn’t help you we recommend to planning the upgrade of you HD. This is the best solutions for the long-term. You can visit also Solutions web for more tricks.

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