4 Reasons to Consider Upgrading to a Digital RV Thermostat

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The internal temperature of an RV is an incredibly important factor playing into the enjoyment you and your guests can have while travelling in your RV. What many people don’t know, however, is that there is a big difference between the way digital and analog thermostats handle temperature management. In older RVs especially, if you have an analog thermostat, you might not be getting the most out of your AC and heating systems. Even more, your system might be unintentionally wasting fuel and energy! Here are a few reasons you might want to consider making the switch from an analog to a Digital Rv Thermostat:

1. Better Energy Efficiency
Digital thermostats are capable of reading and adjusting to the environment much faster than their analog thermostats, meaning there is less lag time between environmental systems like AC or heat switching on or off in response to the changes in the internal temperature. Additionally, many newer models are designed with environmental friendliness and energy efficiency in mind and can interact closely with your environmental systems, monitoring and automating to maximize efficiency.

2. Multiple Zones
Especially if you own a larger RV, you will certainly know that temperature is not uniform across the vehicle. The driver’s seat, for example, might be quite hot on a sunny day, while the dining area might be considerably cooler. A single, analog thermostat will struggle with regulating these conditions well. A digital RV thermostat, however, usually includes multi-zone regulations, meaning that it can coordinate your heating and cooling systems to make the temperature comfortable in multiple areas of the RV. This is especially ideal when taking sleeping spaces into consideration; when sleeping, it can be understandably difficult to maintain temperature with an analog thermostat. A digital thermostat with zoning functionality will allow you to decide what sleeping temperature is most comfortable and have the system maintain that for you without affecting the rest of the vehicle.

3. Flexible Programming
Similar to multi-zone programing, many digital RV thermostat models have time-of-day programming. This allows for you to set schedules for your heating or cooling throughout the day, which is especially helpful when you’ve parked your RV in a single location. Instead of having to continually adjust the temperature throughout the day, or deal with a single set temperature, you can set multiple temperature settings to correlate with daily temperature changes. The heat can be programmed to come on after sunset, for example.

4. Easier Readability and Usability
Digital thermostats are significantly easier to read than analog thermostats, which largely rely on dials and pin-style indicators. As a result, there is always some imprecision involved in setting the temperature on analog, even if it’s only in the form of small temperature differences. With digital thermostats, you set the exact temperature you would like the system to work towards, and the system will approach that temperature automatically. Additionally, many digital systems are much easier to calibrate and reset than analog systems, and are much less susceptible to physical wear.

Upgrading your analog thermostats to digital temperature systems is both a wise and enjoyable step to improving your RV travel experience. In addition to being more comfortable, you may find that you save yourself money through more efficient use of your environmental systems. Owning an RV is about having the freedom to go where you like unrestricted. Why let that freedom be reduced by restrictive analog systems that don’t allow you to be comfortable the way you like?

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