4 Rules to Follow to Ensure Your Event Has the Best Catering

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Planning a memorable and exciting event is no easy task.  Whether you are planning a wedding, fundraiser, awards ceremony, or convention, you want your attendees to leave glowing, unable to forget the incredible experience they had.  Gatherings and events are, by their nature, large scale.  Many people are all going to be in the same place at the same time, which means coordination is key.  This fact becomes even more tangible when meals or refreshments are thrown into the mix.  If you are planning on having your event catered, make sure to keep a few important rules in mind and you will be sure to have the best catering around.

1.  Variety is Always Good
When choosing food options, always remember that no two attendees share the same taste.  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!  Nothing is worse for an attendee than feeling restricted by the options of food available.  Having variety of food options is not only exciting and enjoyable but it’s respectful.  Having a variety of foods, including vegetarian options, for example, means that attendees with dietary restrictions of all types will still enjoy your event.  Providing such options communicates consideration and professionalism by respecting your attendees’ personal ethical, religious, or medical needs.

2.  Don’t Forget the Drinks
Too many events choose to simply offer water with their catered food.  While water is essential for life, it does not add a whole lot of excitement to an event.  Depending on the type of event you are having catered, it might be a serious boost to attendee quality of life to have caffeine-enriched or nutritious drinks on hand.  For example, if your event will include lots of physical activity such as dancing or walking, consider having sweet drinks like orange juice or sports drinks available in addition to just water.  If your event will have long periods in which attendees will be stationary, consider coffee or teas.  These particular drinks will re energize your guests so they can focus on the event itself and not their own fatigue.

3.  Have a Plan for Alcohol Before the Event Begins
If you plan on offering alcohol at your event, have a well-structured plan laid out in advance.  While an open-bar style can seem easy, it is also expensive and runs the risk of taking away from the overall enjoyment of the event.  Alcohol served (if any) should fit the occasion; fancy wines or liquors might be out of place at a family-oriented wedding, whereas cheap beer might be equally out of place at a gathering of television professionals.

4.  Ask The Experts
When planning an event, there is no guilt to be had in seeking out professional advice on how to ensure the best catering possible.  Professional caterers devote their careers to catering for a reason: catering is complex!  Never hesitate to ask the experts.

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