5 Annoying Things People Do Inside a Taxi

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The number of people using taxi services has gone up in the new millennium. Statistics reveal up to 90% of air travellers use taxi services.

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Taxi driving is considered to be a back breaking work with very little reward. Most of the distances are long and spend their day seated at the driver’s seat or schlepping suitcases to the trunk. At times, the pay can be awful in case the driver does not make enough in a night or even cover the taxi medallion and gas lease. They can even go home with $0 or even owe the taxi company some money. On top of that, there are people who use the taxis. Drivers are said to encounter the spectrum of humanity some of who behave even worse.

Here are five annoying things some people are known to do while using a car service.

1. Treating the Driver like a Servant

There are drivers who choose not to stop whenever customers who are looking for Denver car service whistle to them to hail a cab. In most countries, whistling to get someone’s attention is considered to be a low form of disrespect. There are also customers who just get into the car without greeting the driver, only barking orders to him. Such a scenario will create a charged atmosphere in which most drivers never like.

2. Backseat the driver

Have you ever imagined someone coming to your job and looking over your shoulder? Yes, that feeling is how most taxi drivers will feel whenever customers holler turn by direction while seated from their back seats. According to most taxi drivers, it is their responsibility to know the best and fastest route to take you to your destination. However, in case the customer wants the driver to use a specific route, it is advisable to inform the driver before they start driving. Otherwise, it is more respectful to remain silent and let the driver do his or her job. Drivers never like it when you use them like remote controls.

3. Asking the Driver to Break the Law

Of course, most people who use taxi services will be interested in reaching their destination much faster while paying less.  It is important never to ask the cab driver to break road laws in order to get to your destination faster whether it means speeding through the red light, going around the roadblock or blowing past the speed limit. The stakes are usually very high for any cab driver found breaking the law. Not only can they be fined, but their licenses can be removed or the company removed offering taxi services.

4. Taking Your Food inside the Cab

There are times when you just left the bar and stop for a quick bite, call a taxi with a bag of burgers in your hand. While inside the car, you rip into the fast food like a ferocious animal dropping crumbs, food and leave the smell and let the taxi driver deal with all that in the end. There are drivers who will keep a few napkins inside the customers’ seat and request them to clean up in case they mess around with the fast food left over’s. It is advisable that you first eat your food in a restaurant and you can ask the driver if he or she won’t mind waiting a few minutes for you.

5. Make out or more at the back of the cab

At times, it is difficult to get your hands off that date of yours. However, you need to remember your driver is just a few inches away, seeing and hearing everything. It is important that you do not go too far with your date and end up start exchanging kisses. 

It is important you be nice to your cab driver. Never order him or her around, trash the car or underpay.  

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