5 Essential Tips For Organizing Your Kitchen

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Many people think of cooking as a chore, and if they are not interested in it, they find it a time-consuming activity. Cooking can become a fun activity if you have a beautiful and organized kitchen with best appliances. An organized kitchen enhances the value of the whole house.

If you are finding it hard to come up with kitchen organizing ideas, then you can always take some inspiration from catering kitchens. The commercial kitchens are designed to be efficient and can give you a lot of ideas.

1. Keep Equipment In The Right Place

You can only work comfortably in a kitchen if everything is in the right place. It will allow you to work efficiently without making too much mess. You should always keep everything where it is needed. Use the cabinets effectively to keep the baking stuff like measuring cups near the oven. Appliances such as Tefcold IC200SC should be kept where you can easily access the products.

2. Keep Delicate Tools Safe

There are a lot of tools used in the kitchen that is delicate and should be protected, or they can become useless. You can keep them safe by lining the drawers with a piece of non-adhesive shelf liners. They will provide cushioning to the items such as Microplane graters etc. It will increase the lifespan of the tools.

3. Label Everything In Pantry

The best way of keeping the food organized in the pantry is to label everything. If all of the jars in the pantry are labeled, then it will be easier for you to find the things that you need. You do not need to open every jar to find the right product if you label it. Keep the higher jars at the back of the cabinets and shorter ones in the front so you can see the labels without moving the jars. While labeling you should also mention the date of storage and when it was opened.

4. Use All Space

It is easy to keep a large kitchen organized as compared to a small one. In a small kitchen, you need to optimize the space available. The appliances that you use in a kitchen should also be suitable for the available space like adding under counters for cold storage. In commercial kitchens, people think out of the box to make sure all the equipment is properly organized in the kitchen, and you can get a lot of inspiration from them such as using the space above the range for keeping pots and utensils. They will be readily available as you are cooking and will not take extra space.

5. Optimizing Shelf Space


Baskets are an excellent tool for keeping things organized on the top shelf. It will not just keep the shelf organized, but will also make it easier for you to retrieve goods as you can simply slide the basket out. Shelves are extremely useful in keeping thekitchen organized and free of clutter. You can place bins and tins on the top and also hang mason jars underneath the shelf.

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