5 Footwear Trends to Look for in 2018

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The countdown to 2018 has officially begun. As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, the New Year is steadily marching closer and closer, bringing a new array of fashion trends with it. 

Since styles change as quickly as the weather, the best way to stay on-trend in the fashion department during the new year starts by staying up-to-date with your footwear. While 2017 was a year of artistic high heels and platform flats, 2018 is already buzzing with its own set of dramatic new trends. 

After taking a walk down the runways of Spring 2018 shoe collections, these are the 5 footwear trends both men and women should be looking out for in 2018. 

1. Glitter 

Although disco balls haven’t been a common feature at parties for years, glitter is still finding a way to retake center stage. Sequined clothing has been a common 2017 trend, but 2018 takes the sparkle and shine one step further by filling the runways with glimmering footwear. 

During New York Fashion Week, designers like Coach premiered spring 2018 collections filled with dazzling and gleaming shoes. This shining trend is the perfect way to add a lively twinkle to any outfit, and it will undoubtedly make an easy transition from the runways to the streets in the early months of 2018. 

The best part of the glitter footwear trend is that shimmering shoes can come in a variety of styles. Kitten heels, combat boots, high-heeled booties, and flats have all gotten on board with glitter, allowing you to embrace this trend in the style that works best for you. Take a look at the collections from Victoria Beckham and Giuseppe Zanotti for glittery options that will help you embrace this futuristic trend. 

2. Cowboy Boots 

Time to saddle-up—cowboys boots are making a comeback. During  NY Fashion Week, cowboy boots immediately established themselves as a trend to watch out for next year. Designers like Calvin Klein, R13, and Givenchy all sent their own versions of the classic shoe down the NYFW runway, all in different colors with interesting and unique embellishments. The trendy new boots can be paired with almost any outfit, making them a versatile and much-needed addition to any closet. 

While cowboy boots have made their way in and out of the fashion spotlight for decades, the cowboys boots of 2018 are sure to be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. With a glittery gold cowboy boot from Coach, shining red boots from Calvin Klein, and a unique wrap-around style from Maison Margiela, the cowboy boots of 2018 will make you a daring pioneer in the world of fashion. If you want to jump on this new trend early, take a look at R13’s collection of cowboy boots that are on sale now. 

3. Sneakers 

Sneakers are a classic addition to any closet, which means they will never fully go out of style. The sneakers that made their way down the NYFW runway, however, are throwing the rules of fashion out the window. Once again, nostalgia has reared its ugly head, resulting in yet another revival of the bulky sneakers that hit their peak moment in fashion during the 90’s. 

This time, however, designers have chosen to take a more futuristic approach that throws out the well-known utilitarianism in favor a high-fashion look. Brands like Comme de Garçons and Loewe even changed the structure of the sneakers, adding a low heel and an over-exaggerated tongue in the front that definitely adds an exciting twist to these classic shoes. 

Thankfully, the constant revival of bulky sneakers means that you can probably just do a little digging in your closet to be on-trend next year, but if you did throw out your chunky pair at some point, brands like Stella McCartney and Nike have everything you need to stay on-track in the world of footwear fashion. 

 4. Plastic 

While “plastic” and “fashion” don’t normally appear in the same sentence, 2018 has already proven that it’s changing the rules of what is and isn’t fashionable—and plastic is in! On the NYFW runway, designers like Emporio Armani, Chanel, and Balmain all debuted shoes for their spring 2018 collection that feature the see-through material. While some shoes feature an understated usage of plastic by adding a clear strap, others are ensuring that your feet have nowhere to hide by using the transparent material as the primary building block of the entire shoe. 

Plastic shoes are most often available in heeled styles, but the interesting designs have also transitioned over to sandals, wedges, boots, and many other classic styles. While few of these shoes are on sale currently, you can find an impressive collection from designers like Chanel and Valentino when they release their spring 2018 collection.  

5. Snakeskin 

There are few things more striking when it comes to fashion than the use of exotic skins, so it’s hardly surprising that snakeskin slithered its way down the runway during Fashion Week. Apparent in a variety of clothes and shoes, snakeskin easily established itself as a top trend for 2018. 

Much like glitter, snakeskin is also available in a variety of fashionable styles. Carolina Herrera premiered a colorful heel in the stunning material, while Baja East took a more understated approach to the trend by debuting a slip-on sandal with snakeskin straps. Bohn Jsell showed off a strappy high-heel made of the exotic material, but Loewe went for a more daring approach by debuting a sneaker with a genuine rattlesnake tail hanging off the toe of the shoe. 

Whatever style you may prefer, there’s no doubt that snakeskin is the epitome of high-fashion for both men and women. Online retailers like Arrowsmith Shoes specialize in exotic skins, bringing the snakeskin trend easily within your grasp. 

Step Ahead of the Curve

While no one can predict the future, it’s safe to say that top designers have a good idea of the direction they want to take footwear in 2018. From shimmering shoes, to futuristic sneakers, to exotic skins, and everything in between, 2018 will definitely be a year of stunning and surprising styles. Don’t fall behind in the world of fashion—step ahead of the curve by shopping these new trends now! 

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