5 Gift Ideas for the Wine Enthusiast in Your Life

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With holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning what gifts you want to give to your loved ones. It’s easy to shop for some people. A stuffed animal for a child. A mug declaring that they’re the greatest for a parent. But what do you get for the wine enthusiast in your life?


There’s a lot of potential gifts out there for your friends and family that love a good glass of wine. Here are the top 5 gift ideas for the wine lover in your life:

1. Wine Stopper/ Wine Pump

Although it may go by many names, a wine stopper is universally known. When you open a bottle of wine, you need to drink it all because it can go bad being left unused in the bottle. But what if you just want one glass? That’s where a wine stopper comes in. 

Wine Stoppers (also known as wine pumps) create a firm and secure seal, meaning that you can basically “close” your bottle of wine and save it for another night. Wine stoppers keep wine fresh for up to 10 days after opening the bottle. It’s super useful and affordable. Some wine stoppers only cost a couple bucks and can last for years. 

Wine stoppers have become really popular in recent years. Most wine stoppers are basic and come in black or browns. But there are some out there with a lot of personality. There’s wine stoppers topped with animals, flowers, and more. You can find the perfect wine stopper for your friend online or in most department stores. 

2. Wine Coolers

Keeping your wine between 45 and 65 degrees is super important. If it’s too hot, the flavor can evaporate out of the bottle. But if it’s too cold, it can affect the wine’s aging. That’s why it’s important for wine enthusiasts to invest in a quality beverage cooler

They come in multiple different sizes, making it easy to find one that will fit with the rest of your appliances. Also, they come in different colors and finishes, ensuring that it will match the rest of your kitchen. If you buy your friend a wine cooler, you’ll probably be their favorite person in the world. Every time they grab a bottle of wine, they’ll think of you and smile.

 3. Stemless Wine Glasses

When we think of wine glasses, we all get the same picture in our heads. They’re they elegant looking glasses we see adults using as kids. Wine glasses are usually oval shape and held up by a long stem. In the past couple years, wine glasses without a stem have become trendy. 

Stemless wine glasses are said to be more durable than ordinary wine glasses, making them last longer. Additionally, stemless wine glasses come in a lot of colors and patterns. This means that they’re almost like part of your home’s interior design, while still being useful. You can match them to your friends decor or plates. 

4. Vintage Wine

Many wine enthusiasts are also wine collectors. Gifting your friend a merlot from 1966 will be like giving them the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Do a little research to find out what your friend likes, or ask a professional for some advice on which bottles would impress a fellow oenophile. 

Nowadays, you can find reputable wine retailers online who specialize in sourcing and selling unique bottles and coveted vintages that are still within your budget. If you find something truly special, it’s essentially like gifting a modest investment, as fine wines can increase in value over time.

5. Wine Thermometer

Since the temperature of wine is so important, having a wine thermometer is key to being a good wine connoisseur. They allow you to check your wine super easily, making sure that your wine is perfect before tasting. Many are made of metals that can attach right on to bottles, so it’s really easy to get a reading. Also, they’re sturdy. This means that they can be washed in the dishwasher and won’t break if they’re accidentally dropped. 

Get Shopping

Like any gift, it’s best to buy it early in advance. Now that you know the best 5 gifts to give to the wine enthusiast in your life, you can start shopping. There are specialty stores that are just for wine, but most of this stuff you can find in department stores. Giving a great gift ensures that there’s something to toast to during the holiday season, sitting around the fireplace with your friends and family. 

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