5 Important Features of Waterproof Socks to Look at

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Socks are among those kind of accessories which mostly get overlooked by people. It doesn’t matter how well your water shoes are or how good your hiking boots can grasp the slippery rocks in a stream bed, soaking socks can obstruct you in your tracks.

Blisters, fungus, mildew and general squishy discomfort can haunt you everywhere if your feet become wet. To overcome from all these sufferings, you must need to have a good pair of waterproof socks.

These socks are a must have attire for anyone who is engaged in any kind of outdoor activities like sports. Because they keep our feet dry and warm and this in turn helps us to be more productive and effective as there won’t be any kind of nuisance or irritation to divert our mind.

Choosing a waterproof sock is not very difficult task. You just need to consider some major features that it provides. Like as:

1. Material

First and the foremost feature that need to take in consideration is the material of the sock. These are mainly usually designed to wear in outdoor activities. For this reason, they have three layers in them for better durability even in the rigorous conditions.

The outer layer is normally made from Nylon known as hard wearing and long lasting material of all time. Nylon also gives a snug fit and dries very faster than other materials.

The inner tier is naturally made of Bamboo fibers or Merino wool in order to keep the sock itch free, thermostatic, moisture wicking and odor resistant. The interlining covering must be water resistant so that the water doesn’t exude inside the sock.

2. Arch reinforcements

Sometimes, waterproof socks offer a succinct, reinforced weave in the arch to enhance the support. This is helpful to start with if one have high arches, but can also be useful to them having flat feet or regular arches.

Without better support, arches can reveal arch pain which can cause intense pain in heel area. So always have this thought in mind that your footwear is the key factor for arch support.

3. Fit

The third factor to keep in mind is the fit of the sock. A perfectly fit waterproof sock is a must thing if you want to perform well. A sock that is too loose can be the reason of sliding and a sock too tight can cause pain and blisters. So a snug fit is an important feature while buying a waterproof sock.

4. Height

In most cases, this is usually a personal favoritism or style preference. However, crew and quarter socks do deliver abrasion support from your boot tops. So it is recommend that one should consider at least this tall while wearing mid- or high-cut boots.

5. Padding

Padding is another important feature. Because a padded sock is very much comfortable thing to wear and comes handy in adventurous activities as they provide proper cushioning with protection. Padding is created either by increasing the thickness of the weave in those areas, or by knitting long-wearing elements like acrylic into those areas. This additional padding can be a real foot-saver on hard trips over rugged terrain.

So, these are the features that a waterproof sock must provide. If you consider all these features while buying waterproof socks, we can guarantee you that your socks will last long even a couple of years providing protection as well as comfort.

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