5 Interesting Facts About The Most Expensive Music Videos Of All Time

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Hollywood blockbusters can cost hundreds of millions of dollars, but today they are around 120 minutes long. They also have things like special effects we couldn’t have imagined a few years ago. Music videos are different because they’re only a few minutes long.

They still cost a lot of money to make and they’ll only ever recoup the costs if a big artist is involved. There are a few things about luxury music videos you don’t know, so let’s have a look and they might surprise you.

Is ‘Scream’ The Most Expensive Ever?

If you look at the charts you’ll see Scream, the Michael Jackson hit is sitting in the top spot. It was estimated to have cost around $7 million to shoot. Adjust those rates for inflation and you’re looking at $11 million.

At first glance you wouldn’t be able to fathom why a music video would cost so much money, but it’s not the most interesting part. According to the director there were a few unnamed videos that apparently cost even more.

A Brother And Sister Connection

When it comes to expensive music videos it’s clear Janet Jackson doesn’t get the respect she deserves. This is probably because Michael Jackson has stolen all the limelight from the family in the past.

Janet Jackson has appeared on the list of all videos costing over a million dollars six times. Her brother has appeared on it five times and higher up the list too, but their combined total is extraordinary.

James Bond Sits In Third Spot

The James Bond franchise is one of the biggest and most well-known in the world, so it’s no surprise their films have a big budget. $6 million dollars is still a lot of money for a film company to spend on a music video.

This song could also be sitting in second spot depending on how you look at it. The song did actually cost more money to make, but because it’s newer it misses out thanks to inflation.

Madonna Is The Queen Of Pop

Madonna gets a lot of stick these days, but I don’t think millennials actually know how big she was. It was Madonna who sang the James Bond theme song. Why can she still call herself the Queen of Pop?

First of all, she occupies three of the top five spots, which is quite an achievement in itself. When you combine all her videos the total is the most expensive in the history of the music industry.

Most Of The Songs Are Really Old

Out of the top ten most expensive music videos in the world, nearly every single one of them was made last century. Die Another Day scrapes into this century by a couple of years because it was shot in 2002.

Gwen Stefani only hit the list because the video was shot live at the Grammys. Videos are a lot cheaper these days in general. Companies like Global Pictures produce work for a fraction of the price. Companies are even shooting commercials with smartphones.

The List Probably Won’t Be Toppled

The music industry works in a different way these days, so maybe Michael Jackson will stay at the top of the list forever. It doesn’t help that it’s much cheaper to shoot quality videos today. The kind of costs we’ve discussed are a little extreme anyway when it can be spent on marketing.

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