5 Luxury Hotels that are Famous for Their Bedding

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Those of you who like to travel a lot would relate to the need of luxurious and comfortable bedding, that makes you want to jump in, after you’ve spent your day visiting places as a tourist.

Hotel bedding makes the biggest difference when it comes to choosing the right hotel. To make your choice easier, we have picked up the 5 best hotels for you, renowned for their luxury bedding globally.

1. Hilton


One of the oldest names in the hotel industry, Hilton’s experience is the epitome of luxury and comfort. From the delicacy of the lobby designs to the excellent customer service, Hilton hotels provide you with unsurpassable luxury, that too, with a view.

Hilton bedding is definitely a feather in the cap, with its distinctive internal support and motion absorption qualities that are meant to improve circulation and provide the comfort you long for. The sheets and pillows with their feather like texture are sure to give you an experience similar to that of sleeping on a cloud. Their pillows were the first one that made me wonder, what kind of pillows do hotels use, and then I eventually went out to buy a pair for myself. The quality of the fabric and stitching give it its signature feel.

2. Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton makes it to our list with its fine quality linens, plush accessories, and pillows which work together to provide you the best restorative sleep experience.  The linens are globally renowned and are featured in the Ritz Carlton Spas, around the world. Down and down alternative bedding are both available to suit your comfort needs.

The Ritz Carlton bedding is suitable for all seasons alike, and is designed to retain minimum heat so that you don’t sleep hot but at the right temperature. The choice of materials gives the bedding its signature loft and fluff, making your stay here an unforgettable experience.

3. Four Seasons

Hotel luxury is incomplete without the comfort of a fluffy bed that makes you want to snuggle in for the rest of the day. Four Seasons lives up to its promise of luxury. The polyester fiber pillows and memory foam mattress sinks you in and cradles you from head to toe, as you slowly set into deep sleep.

The superior quality 300 thread count sheets rub gently against your skin, giving you a velvety touch, that keeps you warm through the night. The bedding makes you feel catered to, while you wake up more refreshed than ever.

4. Westin

Westin Hotel, with its uniquely designed beds and supreme quality linens, give you the comfort experience of a lifetime. The pillow top mattresses . reduce tossing and turning by alleviating strain from pressure points.

The duvets and comforters are sewn in a boxed pattern, that keep the fill intact and provide even warmth throughout the night. The sheets are just the right temperature to help you sleep cool while you escape the real world to enjoy a rejuvenating sleep.

5. JW Marriott

Marriott lets you experience the coziness of its bedding by putting comfort first. Its consistency in quality and the un-matched luxe is what makes it all that it is today. Whether its the mattress toppers, or the sheets, you feel the softness kicking in, as soon as you land on the bed.

The high density mattresses reduce motion transfer, confining it to its origin, without letting the person on the other side feel a thing. With extensive effort put into details, Marriott lets you experience luxury layer by layer, evident in all its products.

The best part about this is that you can now take the hotel sleeping experience home from these hotels, with official websites that deal with buying bedding online. Why rent a room for the weekend, when you can enjoy it in the comfort of your home?

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