5 Major Differences Between Limo Services And Yellow Taxi Cabs

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Often we see celebrities and business honchos getting on and off a limousine. When you hire a limo service, you are guaranteed with the royal treatment that only the elite get to experience. The luxury and the classiness that a limo gives is an experience of a lifetime.   

Airport limo services have chauffeurs that give you a premium service at your reception. Some of the best Newark airport pickup services provides a meet and greet service where the chauffeurs will greet you at the airport. These chauffeurs are well-educated and well-trained for providing their clients the kind of luxurious treatment that is expected from them.   

Limo services vs Yellow Taxi cabs – which one is better?  

The Style

Today, a transport service is not just seen as a means of traveling from one place to another, a lot of other facilities are expected from it. When you ride on a vehicle, you make your impression on others by the choice of vehicle. Limousine provides you the style statement that no other vehicle can provide. If you want to attend an important business meeting or a seminar, limousine service is just the thing you need. Attending these events by arriving in a limo will ensure your good impression which will last in the minds of other guests for a long time. You should not let go this opportunity by reaching the event on a yellow cab.  

The Comfort

If an important guest is arriving in your city, relying on yellow cabs is just not a wiser option. You have to make sure that the guest is received with full courtesy at the airport. Also, the guest is expected to be tired after a long journey. You need to carefully choose the service keeping in mind the comfort it provides. Limousines provide the kind of comfort that will surely relieve them of their exhaustion and tiredness. You should not let go this opportunity and book a limo for your important guests.  

The Price

The perception that the limo services are expensive holds only little truth. The fact is, the prices of hiring a limousine and hiring other car rental services are competitive for long rides. Besides, the kind of service, comfort, and reliability that limo offers compensates the price difference, if any. If you are planning to go on a long journey, you can contact a good limousine service provider and get a price quote.  

The Privacy

Unlike yellow cab services, limos have a separate compartment for passengers. There’s enough space in the passenger’s compartment to do whatever they want. Stretched limos have enough space that you can organize a meeting on-the-go. You can discuss business plans with your staff easily. Limos are tinted black on the window glasses, this also gives you additional privacy. When you have a limo, you can rest assured that your privacy will be never compromised. 

Safety Considerations

Limo services hire chauffeurs who have years of driving experience and have a very good track record. They are tested for good and comfortable driving skills before they are hired. You never know who the driver of the yellow cab you are sitting in is, but you can be sure in a limo that the chauffeur will get you to the place safely and is trustworthy. 

Also, if you consider insurance cover, a yellow cab might not have full insurance cover but limousines are always fully insured. This provides additional safety to its passengers. 

There are many limo service providers in New Jersey area. Empire Limousine is one such trustworthy name among them.

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