5 Mouth Watering Delicacies For Your Family Reunion

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Summer is here and there is nothing more fun than catching up with your extended family and soaking up the summer heat together. Outdoor family reunion is the best way to delve into each other’s lives and spend some quality time together.

But no family union is complete without some mouth watering food. Choosing the menu for all your family members can also be challenging as there are members of all age groups from grandparents to kids. Here, we have made up a list of a few delicacies that will cater to the tastes of all your  family members.

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1. Grub on sandwiches

Sandwiches are loved by all and are the best snack with tea. You can have chit chat sessions with your family over some yummy sandwiches. There are numerous options to choose from like chicken, meatball, eggplant, pesto chicken, gyros, crab etc. Include different types of sandwiches in your menu and see how much your family members will enjoy it.

2. Yummy chocolate cheesecakes

Chocolates are kids favourite! You can include chocolate cheese cakes for all your little relatives. Let me tell you a secret here. Grandmas too love choclate cakes! The spongy cakes and the melted chocolates will surely satisfy the taste buds and add the sweet factor in your family reunion.

3. The love of all- PIZZA

No person on Earth can say no to a pizza. Everyone loves pizza and ordering delicious pizzas for lunch will only add the yummy factor to your reunion. Different people have different preferences for pizzas and the best thing is there are numerous options to choose from. From Mexican style pizza to Greek style to Hawaii style, you just name it and the Pizza outlet in Palo Alto has it!

You also have the option on the toppings like green pizza which consists of spinach, tomatoes, bell peppers etc and the non vegetarian pizzas with the choices of meatballs, chicken, salami, ham, beef and much more.

We suggest you to order the large pizzas to satisfy the hunger and the taste buds of all your cousins, kids, grandparents and all other relatives.

4. The Must Appetizers

Appetizers are meant to increase the hunger. Since, all the family members are coming together after a long time, good food is very much necessary. You need to increase the hunger, so that everyone can indulge in more food and as we all know munching on good food often leads to interesting conversations!

5. Sodas and juices

After such heavy meals, you will require sodas to digest. Since the sodas are acidic in nature, many studies have shown that it can aid in proper digestion. Also, don’t forget to keep juices as an option. Kids love fruit juices and yes you need to make sure that they are happy with the food too.

Enjoy your meal


These are just a few suggestions from our end to make your family reunion a day to remember. You do not have to take the pain of baking all these. All you need to do is order your favourite dishes in large quantities from pizza outlets in Palo Alto and you are done. Enjoy your meal over conversations with your family members!

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