5 Must Have Microsoft Office Skills for Everyone

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Having maximum use of Microsoft Office (MS Office) can even replace some of the most efficient assistants in the office. With applications such as MS Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, individuals in almost every department can perform their tasks with ease. Apart from the obvious advantages like ease of working confidently, you can also use the different functions for data analytics, presentation, and enhance productivity. Here are some of the MS Office skills everyone should possess to get ahead of their day-to-day tasks.

1. Microsoft Word

MS Office is the most basic application – a word processor that allows you to type any type of document, ranging from correspondence, reports, memos, and meeting minutes. It will make your corporate life so much easier if you are able to navigate and take maximum use of the ‘Page Layout’ to format a document and switch between a ‘header’ and ‘footer’, to ‘Review’ where you are able to conduct a basic check of grammar and spelling. The more advanced tasks would contain converting PDF to Word online. You could directly send word documents to email, fax, or print. This would be the foundation for anyone who could be a personal assistant, sales executive, or even a CEO.

2. Microsoft Excel

Most people brush Excel as ‘something that accountants use’ – however, almost anyone can benefit from the functions to assimilate data and hone your analytical skills. Functionalities like ‘Autofill’ can help you arrange and analyse your data much faster, you can perform quick data calculation, multiplication, and division without having to use a calculator. Instead of mundane numerical charts, you can use the different types of pie charts, pivot tables to depict data.

3. Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

Even though it may be the least favourite task, presentations are vital for any sphere of work. The MS PowerPoint application can guide you through an almost self-explanatory system to build an effective presentation with backgrounds, color, and insert images, charts, and voice/video clips.

4. Microsoft Outlook

This is the e-mail functionality available through the Microsoft suite. You might need technical assistance to set it up, however, this tool can help you send and receive e-mails. Unlike other e-mail providers like Gmail or Yahoo, having an Outlook address is thought to be more professional. Emails are widely used to communicate with any tier of the organisation for both formal and informal purposes, therefore, its one skill that’s essential for anyone.

5. Microsoft OneNote

This tool could be useful for personal assistants and secretaries who may have the task of drafting and preparing minutes. The notes tool allows you to share work in the form of screen clippings, drawings, notes, and audio commentaries with others via the internet of the office network. You can have your notes and to-do lists in one safe place with MS OneNote.


Everyone should be proficient with these five basic tools irrespective of your position and industry. Once you start using these tools you would see how much more productive you will be at work – you will be confident, methodical, and even more, your tasks will be more satisfying. 

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