5 Of The Most Expensive Toys Ever Made

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Growing up we all have our favourite toys and games – for me it was an ever growing collection of action figures, from WWE wrestlers to characters from shows like He-Man and Thundercats. But for some children, toys are a truly luxury accessory, with celebrities and multi-millionaires showering their kids with everything from gold iPods to jewel encrusted teddy bears. 

But when it comes to expensive gifts, even new cars and luxury watches pale in comparison to some of the most expensive toys available for children, and here are five of the most indulgent: 

Gold Rocking Horse

Every child loves a rocking horse, but not many get to ride on an 80lbs sold gold horse that costs $1.28 million. Created by Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka, it was made to celebrate the birth of Japan’s Prince Hishalito in 2006. 

Steiff Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear

Produced by German toy manufacturer Sheiff, this opulent teddy bear features real fur, real gold and is outfitted in a complete set of Louis Vuitton travel gear (even boasting LV luggage). It has a pair of diamond eyes and a mouth crafted from gold, and in 2000 was sold at auction for an eye-watering $2.1 million

Shimansky Soccer Ball

Created by popular South African jeweler Shimanksy, this unbelievable item took three months to create and features 6,620 white diamonds, 3,500 African diamonds and 2,640 black diamonds. It sold for an astounding $2.5 million – definitely not a ball you would want to kick! 

Robert Gulpen Lamborghini Model Car

Produced by renowned German engineer Robert Gulpen, this 1/8-size Lamborghini features a carbon fiber body, platinum rims, a diamond encrusted steering wheel and an obscene amount of gold and various cuts of diamond around the bodywork. If you want this model car for your collection, it will set you back $4.6 million. Or you know, you could buy a real Lamborghini and have more than four million left to spare – entirely up to you!

Madame Alexander Eloise

Probably the most expensive doll ever made, Madame Alexander Eloise will set you back a cool $5 million. Created by doll designer Madame Alexander, this doll features custom made Christian Dior clothes, Swarovski crystals, Oscar de la Renta fur and 9 carats of diamonds. 

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