5 Reasons Why Yoga Alleviates Your Stress

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The stress you deal with everyday can actually drain you out and make you tense, tired and agitated. Often time, problems in your career, finances, relationships and security can fill your mind and possibly carry out health-abusive habits. As a matter of fact, stress is known to impact your health negatively.


One way to alleviate stress is to practice yoga. It allows you to be at peace with your mind and stop it from working against your body.


Here are reasons why yoga helps eliminate stress and can assist you in gaining back your balance in life.


Heightens Your Fitness Level

Physical activity such as playing sports and working out can contribute to a lighter mood and a better quality of sleep. But as much as people love to be active, certain exercises such as high-intensity workouts can stimulate the release of stress hormones.


Yoga is a gentle form of exercise that relieves stress. As it utilizes non-impact and low-intensity forms of physical movements, it can also help burn extra calories and help you shed off excess weight. It provides a stress-relieving output without triggering the release of stress-related hormones.


Mindful Meditation Lessons

To help combat long-term stress, implementing mindfulness everyday will help in this regard. People who are stressed out usually dwell on the past and worry about the future.


What makes yoga a solution to this predicament is that it encourages you to learn techniques for letting go of mistakes from the past, pay attention to the present time and worry less about the future.


According to some medical studies, people who implement yoga and meditation for at least 8 weeks can significantly reduce the stress they are feeling. Other studies also state that when yoga is practiced for a longer period of time, you can benefit from the long-lasting effects it will have on your life.


Yoga’s Calming Effect

The author of The Stress Remedy Donielle Wilson says that deep breathing from yoga acts like a gas pedal to your brain. It slows down your sympathetic nervous system and leaves a calming effect to a rattled mind.


The slow and deep breathing exercises incorporated in yoga help reduce the release of cortisol – a hormone partly responsible for the health problems caused by stress.


Promotes Better Sleep

Sleep is an integral part of alleviating stress. And when you do not get enough sleep, it can be a root cause of many different health issues such as high blood glucose, obesity, coronary disease and even cancer.


The effects of stress can throw off your normal sleep schedule and create even more stress. This means that sleep deprivation constitutes a vicious cycle that nobody wants to get caught up into.


If your sleeping schedule is affected by stress, yoga can definitely break this problem. A recent study was conducted on patients suffering from insomnia. After these patients were introduced to an eight-week yoga routine, they have significantly improved their sleeping hours. The quality of their slumber has also been enhanced.


Yoga Music Is Soothing

According to the Journal of Music Therapy, music played in spas and yoga classes are the type of sounds that reduces the stress causing health problems such as anxiety and high blood pressure.


Listening to these lulling music can actually stimulate the production of the hormone endorphin. This neurotransmitter is the “feel-good” hormone responsible for the relaxed feeling you get from listening to music.



Yoga cultivates serenity and peace. Apart from reducing your stress, it can improve the other aspects in your life. With yoga, you will attain creativity, wisdom, calmness, compassion, and most importantly, a healthy mind and body.

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