5 Secrets to Writing Viral Content

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Everyone wants to be famous. And one of the most promising ways to do that today is to create viral content. The “always online” culture has fueled the need for interesting content. Consumption is at an all-time high, which has resulted in a massive upward trend in beauty trends and internet challenges. Remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? People share content – posts, images, videos, memes, GIFs – that interest them, and on the way help in making them go viral.


But, why exactly do these posts go viral? What is the secret ingredient? Or is it plural – ingredients? How can people mimic the success experienced by some posts and make their own content go viral? How can they stay professional and casual at the same time and yet make their content go viral? How can they convey information and yet look cool? For answers, read on…


What is Viral Content?


Before going through the secrets of creating and publishing viral content, it is important to understand what it really means. In simple words, viral content is something that makes people share it on media sharing sites such as Reddit and Facebook thus increasing the content’s reach manifold. For example, assume a controversial article about millennials published in The New York Times. Due to the large number of millennials who use sites like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook – they begin to share the article with their friends and connections on these platforms. Since the topic is controversial and one that demands attention, it is further shared by people who also want to talk and comment about it.


As the article gets more readers, shares, and mentions, the content can be certified as viral. Professional paper writers at WriteMyPaper.Today know these secrets and use them in content creation process. There is no threshold as to what number of likes and shares is required for the content to be considered as viral. The basic requirement is: if it gets picked up by mainstream media due to a lot of social media activity, the content can be safely termed viral. For paper writers, it is essential to understand why content goes viral, because it deals with inspiring the reader and opening a new window.


Why does Content Go Viral?


Something that inspires its audience and makes them want to share it is essentially the most important characteristic of viral content. For instance, why do people share what they see on their Facebook wall? What makes it appealing to them and makes them want to share it with their friends/connections? On the answer to these questions lie the secrets of going viral.


As per online analysts, there are certain themes that inspire people. Viral content has to have one of these themes:


  • Funny/comic – an image that makes people laugh
  • Trending topic – an article that gives a new opinion on a trending or popular topic
  • Actionable – a video that asks its viewers to do something (e.g.: the ALS challenge)
  • Controversial – an article that is unconventional and risqué


While most content goes viral for positive reasons, in this age of fake news, sometimes content can go viral for all the wrong reasons. So, it is up to the creator or publisher to understand if he/she actually wants to make the content viral. Measuring the pros and cons should be the first step.


College students who are interested in marketing can study the effect of viral content and create research essays. There are lots of term paper writing service companies present online that can help students complete their assignments. Most academic authors who write papers for money are capable of writing on a variety of topics.


Viral Content Secrets


Without much ado, here’s a simple list of proven tips that can help you make your content go viral:


Be prolific – The key to viral content is to create as much content as possible. Depending on a few articles in a blog and waiting for them to go viral is not a wise approach


Play magic with your titles – A title of an article plays a very important role in attracting readers. Once the article is ready, writers should put extra effort to come up with great titles that will make people click. However, beware of clickbait titles as they can often backfire


Focus on a single platform – Sites like 4chan, Reddit, and Imgur are gold mines for viral content. They are often the first platforms where such type of interesting and fresh content is posted, which then makes its way to other sites like Twitter. Before creating content, one should choose the launching platform


Images over text – As one can easily understand, images, GIFs, and videos have more likelihood of going viral than articles. Of course, text-based articles do go viral, but if an article is supported by images and/or videos, it will have better chances


Original content – As a content creator, one should focus on originality. No one likes to share rehashed content, and if there’s anything that one can learn from existing viral articles – it is that they are all unique in nature.




These are the five main secrets to creating content that can help marketers go viral. Whatever be the purpose, one can follow these tips and ensure that their content is internet-ready. For all other type of content, one can always depend on websites that provide video creation, image creation, article and paper writing services.


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