5 Steps to Have a Successful Meeting Via Video Conferencing, Working from Home

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Video conferencing in recent times has become a normal norm of the business. Every company has a regular board meeting through it; people in the offices and workers from home depend on it. Even the newly popular concept where an employee gets a week off to work from home is run on video conferencing entirely. 

The biggest hindrance in video conferencing enabled meeting is that most people consider it informal and hence suffer for it. Here are some tips to help you crack your video conferenced interview, or to help you conduct a successful meeting online while working from home:

I. Always check the settings of your system, microphone and the video streaming provider you will be using for the meeting: sometimes, it may happen that you accidentally forgot to attach the headset to the right hole, or the last time you used your microphone you muted it in the settings and forgot to turn them on, or your computer system may be giving you warnings of a malware or updating a software and you have been ignoring them all blissfully. It so happens that a problem due to these things may create communication barriers, show that you aren’t determined enough and lead to the meeting ending without a conclusion. Hence, always check on these three things.

II. Come what may be prepared: often due to lighting outage, or infrastructure failure of a network, you might lose your client or senior, as your conference may abruptly halt. You may lose data and the image may be frozen. Thus: use a UPS, to at least inform the parties involved of the sudden failure; launch a backup planner as soon as you start, so that when you lose the calling stream, you have a backup to depend on; use a better quality camera so that there aren’t any pixels displayed on the screen among others to take care of.

III. Avoid distractions: do not look at yourself in your screen, face the people involved. Do not read your emails or participate in other activities during the course of the meeting, this shows the highest degree of unprofessionalism in an already considered informal format. Do not let kids or pets enter the room in which you conduct your business. Stay focused on the matter, to devise a solution, not to delay it.

IV. Dress for the role you play: since it is already on some levels taken as informal, do not add more to it by dressing as if you are meeting them informally. Anytime during the meeting, you may need to stand up, or the screen camera may fall off, showing the other side, you aren’t dedicated enough.

V. Pay attention to your room settings as well: make sure that the room is clean, shows you are mature and organized. Also, check if the room has natural lighting or is lit properly so that it doesn’t seem to them that they are talking to someone from the dark ages.

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