5 Things About Cupcake Boxes You Get Shocked!

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A sweet-toothed person will always love to get a lovely box of tiny cake bites called cupcakes. They have been named because of their shape and size; it is as if you are eating a small cup of a cake. Cupcake boxes are considered to have several attributes and are quite essential for the people dealing in baking industry. Variety of designs and looks for customized cupcake boxes are developed having a see through top to flaunt the beautiful icing.

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There are few shocking or I must say wonderful facts about cupcake boxes you must know:

1.     Surprise or no surprise?

Custom cupcake boxes can be presented as a gift box and it is a very trendy gift for a home based gathering. Nevertheless, they may not be that much a surprise because the box says it all. Sometimes the boxes are printed with colorful cupcakes and other times they have a big transparent sheet placed on the top to let the customers have a gorgeous sight of the cupcakes. Therefore, they are going to be a surprise, but the customized boxes will announce clearly that there are yummy little cakes inside.                    

2.     Dish them out intelligently

If you are worried about the presentation of cupcakes at a party or a bake sale, no need to fuss a lot because the cupcake packaging is the best tray for cupcakes. Why waste the gorgeous box with such elegant presentation? Most of the women like to dish these sweet little treats in their own charming boxes.Just you need to know how to fold them a bit to turn them in a stylish platter. Even keeping the see through lid closed adds the charm when it is a bake sale. If you get yourself wholesale cupcake boxes for a bake sale in the kid’s school, everyone will instantly approach the stall having such a serious business look.


Turn them into a fun activity for your little ones

The most surprising use of cupcake boxes is that they are a great source of creating activities for children. Keep the little ones busy with these customized cupcake boxes by motivating them to decorate these boxes with different materials. In this way, you can use these decorated boxes for gift-wrapping and storage purposes. Children will love to use all these colorful materials such as buttons, beads, silk or net ribbons, foaming sheet flowers, and even small stickers and tiny toys. Boys and girls may use different ways to embellish the boxes but they both will spend a good in this positive activity.

Less Messy After Party Place

Boxes for cupcakes always keep the mess in the box. What can be the mess caused by cupcakes? The crumbs and the extra icing can be a big problem to clean when kids or even adults take their cupcakes and roam around the party area. If each cupcake have their individual box and the guests can carry the cupcakes safely around in their boxes cupcake crumbs will not be a headache for the person in charge of cleaning after wards. Although the cakes are very delicious but their crumbs stuck in carpet or plastered on floor are a tough thing to clean, therefore, spend well on boxes if you want to save the effort.
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5.     An Eatable Souvenir Box

Cupcake boxes UK can be transformed into souvenirs for tourists. Box manufacturers often create such designs that become an identity of a specific place. The cupcakes of a specific bakery become so famous that tourists may request that they need extra boxes with the cupcakes. People may even pay to get the particular boxes. The cupcake boxes wholesale designed dynamically with the company of delicious cupcakes can be a part of heritage for a specific city or town. Even the monuments of a specific town are used as a design for the cupcake icing and the box is printed accordingly to make it a complete souvenir.  

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