5 Tips for Choosing the Best Catering Services for Your Wedding Day

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Do you have no clue as to how to set the perfect ambiance and plan the best menu for your wedding day?  To please all your relatives, friends, employees, associates, and others in the guest list is not a cakewalk. You and your partner need to squeeze some time out to make this event the talk of the town. It calls for some research and attention to details. You need to take care of the subtle nuances related to the event. The choice of a caterer is crucial for every wedding event although deciding what to look for, knowing how to compare one to another, and finding the best of the lot is not easy unless you have prior experience. However, there is no need to get worried. Here are five tips to make your big day memorable with the best wedding catering services.

Set Your Budget

The cost of catering services depends primarily on what you choose, either seated, buffet or family style catering. The service style and staff ratio is another factor that impacts the cost to a great extent. A few chefs and operational staff are needed for executing a wedding event, and the staff-to-guest ratio changes for each event with the style. If it is a full-service event, the number of staff will increase and so the cost, while the simpler events can be planned by hiring less staff in a pocket-friendly way. 


There are many catering services, which provide dinnerware, linens, chairs, and tables, or at least they work with another organization for making the arrangements. Finding out one such caterer will be more economical than dealing with two or three companies together. Never forget to check the cost of the beverages. If it does not fit your budget, ask the caterers whether you can buy it from elsewhere as many of them allow it and still arrange for a bartender.

Look at the Menu Options

Before finalizing the deal, discuss the menu options available with your caterer, share your ideas and also know what your caterer specializes in. If any of your guests have dietary restrictions, do not forget to mention it. Check whether your caterer has only some standard menus or provides you the flexibility to choose from an array of options. Undoubtedly, the latter one is better if you are arranging a theme-based wedding event.

For instance, if you are planning a less formal wedding with partying and drinking, inquire whether they will serve appetizers like mini burger sliders, spicy chips, pork or chicken starters, shrimp cocktails, and more. Ask whether they can serve grilled pork fillets to the guests or not. 

Go for Tasting Sessions

It is difficult to choose a caterer unless you know what they can serve. Moreover, deciding which of the food items you will suit your guests’ preferences is essential, but impossible to determine without trying them. Have at least three samples for the food and wine pairings before you taste and approve the different dishes that the caterer will serve to your guests. Don’t miss the presentation as properly served samples indicate that the caterer is professional and will put the same effort on the day of your event too.

Check the Service Book and References

Going through the online reviews is a good start to check how reputed the catering service is. However, the checking does not end here. You have to check the references as well. It is the most likely that the caterer will provide you with a list of satisfied customers. However, spend some time in researching those references. The questions which you should not forget to ask previous clients are: How many times they have hired the caterer? What did they like the most? Are there any changes that they want to see the next time? Never forget to ask for some photos of past events to get an insight into the aesthetic sense of your caterer. If the spacing, serviceware and final changes are found appealing, you are one-step closer to the deal.

Choose a wedding catering service for your big day only after you have all the information you require. Make an informed decision to make your event a grand success. Finding the best one need not be a tiring task if you know what you exactly want. 

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