5 Tips for Designing a Perfect Luxury Bathroom

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The bathroom is the one room in the house where we go to
either relax at the end of the day and unwind in a warm bubbly bath, or get our
groove on at the beginning of the day. And while some people only want their
bathrooms to be simple and clean, some people want a lot more. But getting a
luxury bathroom is more than just piling on any expensive materials and
furniture. Here are top five tips to achieve a luxurious look for your

Get the right materials

Some materials simply look and feel more luxurious than
others, and having them dominate your bathroom will give it an instant
luxurious feel. Granite, marble and onyx are the most common examples. Stone
textures, crisp edges and cool tones will give a luxurious feeling to any
modern-looking bathroom, while warmer tones, hardwood floors and precious metal
details will give a more traditional luxury to the space. It goes without
saying, try to use high quality materials that will last a long time, and stay
the same after many years of use.


Think about the layout

A luxurious bathroom is all about layout. Having plenty of
open space is one way to achieve it, while another is to have an unusual space.
For example, a bathroom that is in a T or C shape. Having such an interesting
layout means that not all elements are visible at once and your bathroom feels
like it has several independent areas. An open floor plan, on the other
hand, means that you can place one item – most often a bath – as the focal and
center point of the room.

A room with a view

The one thing most people think when designing a bathroom is
how to stop people from seeing inside. But, what about the view you have when
you are inside? Having a large window, or an entire glass wall, especially if
you are high above ground or surrounded by nature, will instantly make your
bathroom feel better. One-way mirrors or blurred glass are both good ways to
conserve your privacy, but the former might be a better option if you want to
account for that crystal-clear view.

Don’t overdo it

The rule of thumb for making anything look luxurious,
including bathrooms is: don’t overdo it. You might think that adding as many
luxurious details as possible will make your bathroom look better, but in
reality, you are overdoing it and making it look tacky. Focus on one style and
only add accent details that complement that style as a whole.


Add interesting details

All you need for a luxury bathroom is a clean space and one
amazingly interesting detail. Whether that be a wall of artwork or a luxurious
rug, find something that will make jaws drop. For me, that was a completely open
shower in the middle of the bathroom. It was hard to find a plumber in
Western Sydney
who could do that, but once I did, I finally had the dream
bathroom I always wanted. I had doubts that standing exposed in the middle of
an open space would feel a bit too “out there”, but it is one of the most
liberating feeling in the world, and the open space that I get from not using
any panels just adds to the luxurious look.

Having a luxurious bathroom is one of the most satisfying
feelings I get in my home. I might not be able to have a completely luxurious
home throughout, but there is something very special in starting the day in
such a bathroom. It puts me in the right head space for the day that I need to
take on and makes me feel like a million dollars even when I am not at my best.
Creating a luxurious bathroom might be quite an investment, but it is worth
every cent.


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