5 Unique Living Room Decoration Ideas to Welcome 2018 Beautifully

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2017 has almost come to an end and it’s only a matter of days now for us to step into the New Year, why not do it gracefully by having your living room redone beautifully. It is never a bad idea to get the most spacious room in the house updated in its design exactly according to the very modern trends. Living rooms are much significant for most people when it comes all the fancy designs and elegant looks and we have some of the best ideas for your living room décor to keep them updated with 2018 standards:

1: Main Wall Focal Point

Living rooms are big and have sizeable walls at each end. One of the best and most effective decoration ideas is to install a focal point on the biggest most obvious wall. This wall should be the widest straight wall with a front on view and for the focal point, you can experiment with many different designs. Try a unique art sculpture or a big LED TV with elegant backdrop around its back.

These are only a few examples when implementing backdrops, you can be as creative with this as you possibly can be and even the most futuristic looking 3D decoration objects can look great when use suitably as well. By making that center piece the focal point in the living room, you will ensure it gets everyone’s attention and makes the rest of the room look great as well.

2: Art All Around

Art has served many design requirements for as long as anyone can remember and it is not getting old any time soon. Usually people just use a single art piece that can be a wall art painting, an artistic object or even an artistic pattern anywhere in the living room, but what we suggest is to have art displayed on every wall of the room efficiently.

You can use smaller sized artistic decorative pieces for this particular implementation with the center piece being in a bigger wall sized layout. The bigger center piece will act as the earlier discussed focal point and the rest will complement the artistic layout perfectly. Use a custom Round Glass Coffee Table with one of the art pieces in similar colors to complete the look.

3: Mirror Collages

Mirrors have served many interiors designing purposes during the past many centuries and a very unique yet attractive way to use them in bigger more wider living rooms is to have them installed forming a collage. This can be similar to one of those social media app filters and you can have as many mirrors for this ideas as you prefer.

If you plan bigger mirrors, 3 or 4 can be enough but if smaller wall mirrors are your first priority, their numbers are almost unlimited as your imagination as long as the finished mirror collage doesn’t look too much in the face.

4: Complement with Functional Tables

Tables are a great way to complement the design layout in any living room. They come in unique shapes and finishes that make them a great option in any kind of a design setting. A Glass Top Coffee Table is available in all kinds of designs and shapes including round, square or rectangular ones. With modern innovations in glass manufacturing today, there are options available for coffee table tops that look almost futuristic as well.

You have the option of having the glass and the bottom stand colored in your preferred setting as well and the glass comes in many different finishes on top of it to complement your design setting as efficiently as possible. You don’t have to use a table or two in the big living room as well, any corner or an open space can do with a tabular touch. Some can even be decorated with additional vases or books on top of them as well when required.

5: Lowered Chandeliers

Chandeliers are some of the most admired living room decorations and you can also have them lowered down to normal eye level for a regular person to make it much more visible. Only do this when you have quite a bit of space in your living room and have it down to a regular head height with all the sitting arrangement placed around it in all directions.


Make sure to use dim lights in the chandelier if you want to light it up for the light to not sprinkle the eyes of people around it and try to not have any hanging glass pieces that can cause harm at all.

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