5 ways to lower your heating bill

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In this article, we won’t give you pieces of advice that all people know, like make proper heat insulation of your dwelling or to shift from ordinary sources of fuel to more efficient ones.Let’s try to think about other ways to jump on the higher level of heating efficiency.

1. When cooking food or heating it up on the gas/electric stove, increase the thermal efficiency of the latter. It is easy to make it with own hands – simply cover up the working surface of it with metal foil to increase the level of heat radiance from the surface around stove’s burners to your cooking pans and pots. It’ll make food be cooked a little faster and it’ll take it cool down a little longer. Besides, when the foil gets dirtier, you can simply replace it with a new covering to save on water and cleaning detergent too. Consider it a bad tip? Well, if you cook much, that’ll be some percents savory.

2.  Get used to a little lower temperature. 1-2 or 3 degrees won’t hurt your health but will significantly lower the consumption of heat required for each room. To reach the goal successfully, install the individual heating in every room and premise, too, like hall or pantry. Regulating temperature in each of them manually, you lower your bill somewhat efficiently. Integrating them in the ‘smart house’ system, you can set the automated lowering of temperature when everyone exits the premise and increasing it when entering. Closing the doors between all rooms, you can eventually cut around 10% off of the bill, making it better than just ‘some’ savings.

3. Wear more clothes at winter. Socks, dense warm pants, and sweaters in a cold weather are a real must! Do we have to go into more details to make it obvious?

4.  Let the heat be distributed all over the place from occasional sources. For instance, when taking a shower, open all doors to let water steam enter other rooms. When cooking food, if your kitchen is a separate premise – don’t close the door. Work with laptop much? Put a fan around to blow the generated heat from it to the outside, and close a door of your working office to make it heated with your body and in some hours, the temperature around you will rise significantly.

5. Install equipment that is 200% more efficient than an air conditioner. How is it possible? Simple. With heat pumps. Did you know that they produce 4 kilowatts of heat per 1 consumed kilowatt of electric energy? It makes their efficiency level as high as 300%. Why more than theoretical 100%, you ask? This also has simple explanation – they pump heat from around air/soil, which energy is not included in the efficiency equation.

From the long-term advice, the latter one is the most effective, as heat pumps lower you bill up to tremendous 50% and work even in winter. Specific calculations were made for the United Kingdom in recent years, in different regions of the UK to make the result as accurate as possible. The example of such air source heat pumps in the UK is Husky Heat Pumps. After being installed, they start saving your electricity from the first day. Even greater they show themselves when being connected to the ‘smart house’ system, and operate well for multiple purposes:

·  heat up the floor (when connected to floor heating cycle)

·   heat up the water in your boiling system for hygienic use (the water will not be hot, we must say, but still fine enough for essential purposes)

·  heating water for walls radiators.

An example of a manufacturer of air source heat pumps in the UK is the Husky company. They produce and installvarious kinds of heat pumpsand have years of extensive qualification of such works. Do not forget about the other really important issues to be accomplished to avoid heat losses of your dwelling:

·  insulate everything you can properly (windows, attic, basement, roof) – still, we’ve said it though did not plan to at the beginning

·   renew your heating equipment and/or heating pipes to reduce heat losses


·  use solar panels and wind power generators to gain more clean and cheap energy.

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