5 Ways to Use Twitter to Find a Goodpaid Remote Job

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Usually, people think of Twitter as a social media platform meant for relaxation and chit-chat with their buddies. Yes, that’s mostly true but Twitter can be used in different ways. The same way companies use this social network for business purposes, you are able to use them for professional purposes, as well.

Technology has eased our jobs, meaning that you are able to do your job from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to spend long hours to get to your office and you will feel cozier. Basically, you will need to have two pijamas, one for sleeping and one for working.

Like we said, social networks, especially Twitter, can be used to find this kind of jobs. You can use different methods to keep yourself up to date and find the suitable job for you. All this can be done from the comfort of your home office.

Here are a few tips you should consider when starting to find that job you’ve always wished for.

1. Use Twitter as a Launch Pad

It is really important to make the most out of your follower base. In most cases, people in your situation have a bigger follower base on Twitter than other social networks destined for professionals, such as LinkedIn.

For example, you might have advertised the fact that you are looking for a job on a social media network destined for professionals, such as LinkedIn. Even so, your small contact base made your advertisement ineffective.

Take that ad and post it on Twitter. A bigger follower base means a bigger reach thus your chances of getting more responses to your ad increase. A great marketing approach means being inventive and using all the tools you’ve got. At the moment, you are marketing yourself.

2. Keep Up With the Latest Trends

Apart from using Twitter as a place where you can boost your ad’s visibility, you can also use it as a search engine and a place where you can keep up to date with the latest trends in your industry.

Let’s say you are an online marketer. By using this social media network, you will get lots of contacts from your industry and you’ll be able to reach lots of people. A quick research on KeyHole, a hashtag and keyword tracking tool, will help you better understand the scale of your possible reach. The #socialmedia hashtag has a reach of over 3 and a half million users.


A seven-figure reach is everything a marketer would like. Also, you can increase this reach by using multiple hashtags, such as #socialmedia and #job will get you a reach of around 4 and a half million users. That’s 4 and a half million chances of landing that remote job you’ve always wished for.

3. Research the Companies

Once you’ve found a job that suits your aspirations, you need to do some digging. You don’t want to jump head-first into an unfavorable situation. The company might not meet your level of professionalism. By using Twitter, you can research it, you can find other employees of that company and ask for their feedback.

For example, by using the #Cisco hashtag as a search term, you will be able to find roughly 100 posts. By going through them, you will be able to find some contacts inside the company and get some inside information.

4. Advertise Your Latest Achievements

You’re probably familiar with Linkedin. This is an excellent place where you can create your own brand with the help of a professional-filled profile. Many people turn to special services like Resumes Planet in order to get help with Linkedin profile writing.

Besides the Linkedin, social media networks, especially Twitter, are a great place to advertise yourself. You need to create some buzz in your industry in order to be visible for your future employer. We’ll keep using the online marketer example to create a comprehensive image of how useful methods should be approached.

You just finished your collaboration with a certain client, take all the data you have about that client and make a case study. We are talking about numbers that’s what people need. Talk about reach, exposure, engagement, optimization, analytics, and the method you’ve used to get those numbers.

“For this client, I’ve used remarketing because it has lots of traffic but no sales. By using this method I managed to increase customer’s sales by 30%.” This is what your future employers will value most.

5. Engage Your Possible Employers

Social media is about interacting with others. You can use Twitter to get in contact with the recruiter or any decision factor of a certain company you wish to work for. For example, if they are talking with their friends about social media and other marketing-related topics, you can join the conversation and highlight your expertise. That case study we’ve been talking about might come in handy at the moment. Sharing it with that person you target, you’ll get on their radar, that’s for sure.


Remote jobs are the newest trend for professionals. You don’t have to waste hours commuting and you do all the things from the comfort of your home. Social media platforms can be used for professional purposes, too. They can become more than a place where you meet with your friends.


Twitter can be used to increase your job ad’s reach, keep up with the latest trends in the industry, and research the companies you wish to work for. Last, but not least, you can use it to create buzz around you and engage your possible employers thus get on their radar and secure your next job.

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