50 Things To Do Before You Die

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Whether it is one-time events or processes that take weeks, months or years, all these experiences or “things to do before dying” remind us that the world is still a beautiful place.

On July 4, we stopped at a small dock in Green Lake to wait for the first fireworks to appear in the dark sky of Seattle. Except for the occasional burst of some pump, there was peace and silence. Our nine-month-old daughter was asleep in her car seat. My parents were standing nearby, holding hands. The water pounded against the pier pillars. Nobody spoke.

Still looking up, it occurred to me that if every person went out every night to look at the sky, the world would be a different place. Best.

And then the fireworks started in the distance. We heard the rumble muted a few seconds after the bursts of colors. Layla woke up, probably infected by emotion. We raised her to see the display of fireworks for the first time. He smiled and raised his hands to the sky as if he wanted to catch what he saw.

When it was over, my mom said, “If she’s lucky, she’ll have another 100 years of fireworks.” What made me think about what Layla will see during her life, and what I still want to look in mine. There is so much to know, and on the other hand, there is much less free land and wildlife. Sometimes I feel that we are running a race against time to experience something before it runs out, is worn out or filled with people.

And yet the “once in a lifetime” experiences, which Josh Lew and other members of the Matador community have compiled here, transcend time. Whether it is one-time events or processes that take weeks, months or years, all these experiences remind us that the world is still a wonderful place.


50 things to do before dying:


1. Set foot on each of the seven continents.

Antarctica may be the hardest, but once you’ve reached seven, you can finally call yourself “a world traveler.”

2. Cross a country by bicycle.

Taking a bicycle trip requires some extra planning, but it is a superior experience to see a place from the window of a bus.

3. Ride something more significant than a horse.

A walk in the jungle on an elephant is crossed off the list for reasons of animal cruelty, but you can still make incredible journeys on the back of a camel.

4. Live a month like a local.

The opportunity to live with people from the place will give you a better understanding of their culture and lifestyle than two years of traveling from one backpacker’s hostel to another.

5. Visit a “real” blues bar in Chicago to meet the heart of the blues.

You could also go salsa dance to Cali or Havana …

6. Learn another language.

This proposal will consume you a lot of time, but it will surely be a good investment. Here you can find the easiest languages to learn for a Spanish speaker.

7. Practice heliski.

Being able to access snow by helicopter is different (read, better), than everything you have experienced so far.

8. Travel through India by train.

This accessible means of transportation in India is the best way to get to know one of the most colorful and culturally prosperous countries in the world.

9. Climb one of the Seven Summits of the world.

Climbing mountains is not for timorous, but who has never dreamed of standing on top of the world.

10. Dive with a whale shark.

Swimming with these kind giants is one of the most powerful experiences one can experience in nature.

11. Participate in the Brazilian Carnival.

You can not say that you had a good night out until you were part of the most lavish party of a nation of parties.

12. Dance tango in Argentina.

This mini guide will help you understand the codes of the milongas, the places where tango is danced.

13. Surf.

It is not about being an expert, but about grabbing waves and having fun.

14. Dive!

One of the most recommended places is the Great Barrier Reef (Australia, Papua New Guinea), the largest reef in the world, but the truth is that you can explore the exceptional aquatic life in many other places, such as the Galapagos Islands.

15. Publish an article about one of your trips.

An essential part of traveling is sharing your experiences with others. Also, getting your stories published can be easier than you think.

16. Work as a volunteer abroad for a month.

In some cases, this will involve the possibility of traveling for free.

17. Follow the path of your favorite travel literature book.

There is no better guide than the book that inspired you to start traveling.

18. Fly in a “bush airplane” through the interior of Africa.

Unique cultures and fauna populate These little-visited regions. If not, you can opt for an ecological safari.

19. Cross a glacier on foot.

Crossing these natural wonders into extinction is an adventure that future generations may not be able to experience.

20. Visit the birth of one of the most famous rivers in the world.

Large rivers, such as the Nile, have modest origins.

21. Climb an active volcano.

22. Buy a sailboat and learn to navigate.

Or good, just learn to navigate, if the budget does not give to buy a sailboat. Before the Wright Brothers, everyone traveled thanks to the power of the wind, and even today it is the most sustainable way to travel.

23. Follow the path of your food, from the field to the table.

The majority of the inhabitants of the planet still eat what they have harvested with their own hands. Why not return to the origins?

24. Bathe in the Ganges River.

Can you think of a better way to reach the spiritual heart of India?

25. Travel around the world.

The “round the world” passages are an excellent resource for the budget of globetrotters.

26. Travel to photograph endangered species.

In addition to obtaining an image that will accompany you throughout your life, this experience will remind you and others – how fragile life can be.

27. Participate in Burning Man.

It’s like they say: “Trying to explain Burning Man to someone who has never been being like trying to explain colors to a blind man.”

28. Spend 24 hours alone in the jungle.

29. Learn to cook a national dish.

What is the only thing we all have in common? Eat.

30. Teach your language abroad.

Besides being a good way to solve your trip, it can be a unique experience.

31. Attend a music festival in another country.

32. Travel through a country using only public transport.

33. Spend a night in a historic hotel.

It may not be necessary to travel outside your city to experience the classic atmosphere of this type of hotel.

34. Attend the Olympic Games, one of the most important events on the planet.

35. Try to meet your favorite travel writer in person.

They have inspired us; Now it’s time to thank them.

36. Make your garden.

No matter if it’s about pots on your balcony or a large expanse of land, growing your own food is a rewarding experience.

37. Participate in the tea ceremony.

This tradition constitutes the heart of Japanese culture.

38. Join a caravan in the Sahara …

And observe how you live in one of the most hostile lands in the world.

39. Participate in the Oktoberfest.

This gathering of six million beer fans is one of the biggest parties in Europe.

40. Travel to the North or South Poles.

41. Attend a football match between two South American teams.

42. Visit the place of birth or the tomb of a cultural icon.

It could be Che Guevara or Picasso, or any character that seems important to you.

43. Find your version of “The Beach” (“The Beach”).

One of the best travel books of all time, it has inspired a whole generation of backpackers. Why not launch yourself to find your own version of this Paradise?

44. Enjoy a cigar in Cuba.

45. Visit all European capitals.

The Old World is full of impressive architecture and cultural diversity.

46. Presence of an orchestra in Vienna.

47. Do skydiving.

48. Re-discover your spirituality by going to Machu Pichu.

49. Give your hand to someone who has changed the course of a country.

50. Participate in the most massive water war in the world …

What is this about? Go to the celebrations of the Thai New Year (Songkran) and find out.

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