6 Essential Reasons Why Establishing a Blog Boosts Your SEO

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blogging_boosts_SEOUnderstanding search engine optimization is not easy. On top of this, the ever changing algorithm of Google can sometimes throw off your greatest website optimization plans. As much as there are many wrong ways to optimize your website, there are also correct ways to do it – blogging is one of them.


While starting a blog on your website might be an idea that is easy to dismiss, there are many reasons why introducing a blog can improve your online presence and boost traffic. If you already have a website, blogging is free and demands only a few hours of your day (if you decide to blog everyday).


There are many valid reasons why you should absolutely blog. Apart from boosting your SEO, you can position yourself as an expert to your niche and build trust among your customers or clients. These can be achieved if you know how to use your blog to your advantage.


Here are the important reasons why blogging can boost your traffic.


Build A Good Reputation

When you provide professional advice, it demonstrates your expertise. Whether you are an engineer, a financial advisor, a digital marketing expert, or a real estate agent, your knowledge in the field will be helpful to the people who are interested in your products or services.


As a result, blogging is one of the best ways to reach out and boost your reputation online. When you have established yourself as an expert, you can easily gain organic traffic by using correct SEO tactics.


Fresh Content

Google and internet users gravitate more towards fresh and unique content. When you keep a steady blog filled with informative news and posts every week, you increase your chances of ranking better on search engine results page (SERPs).


Try to update your blog at least once a week. If your site has not been updated in months, other websites will naturally rank higher than yours as they produce relevant content consistently. If you cannot produce fresh content as often as needed, you can seek SEO services to help you out on this.



There was a time that keywords were the highlight in optimization. But today, they do not hold the same weight as they once did. In fact, get these wrong and your website will end up getting punished for it. Gone were the days when cramming your keywords in a single blog can help optimize your page.


Today, you must avoid keyword stuffing or keyword cramming as this looks spammy. Every keyword you use in your blog content should be meaningful and must serve a purpose. It is therefore crucial that you use relevant and long-tail keywords and phrases that people may use when searching to boost your ranking.


Allows you To Backlink

Many people will tell you that linking schemes are frowned upon by Google. They are right. But it does not meant you cannot build relationships with other companies or blogs by including links and asking them for some in return.


Linking your blog posts from another page can help boost your traffic, but there are some pointers to keep in mind. First, if you have paid for the link, make sure that it uses a nofollow designation. Otherwise, search engines can penalize you for it. Next, always link to relevant sites.


When you link to a page that has nothing to do with your blog or niche, you will get another ding from Google. Links from popular and well respected websites will help boost your SEO rankings as well. The rule of thumb here is to always keep the links as organic-looking as possible.


Images and Videos

Adding images and videos in your blog gives you one more way for search engines to find you. Make sure that you use images and videos according to keywords or search terms and do the same for the alt-text. The alt text is meant to describe what is in the image and the description you input in the alt-text are visible to search engines.


Adding images such as infographs and quality videos also add more dynamic content to your blog posts as these serve as an excellent way to provide more information to your readers. Make sure to tag your videos appropriately according to search terms before you post.



Producing quality content will compell your readers to share it with others. When your blogs are frequently shared and commented on, they move up in the search engine ranking.


The only way to achieve this is to make sure that you create unique and informative content. Provide answers for visitors and share your blogs wherever you can, especially on your social media platforms.


Now that you understand the reasons why blogging is essential, start one as soon as possible. You can start by answering the questions your customers has and create an informative article about it. Producing blogs and following a systematic approach to it will soon deliver results.


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