6 Foods To Burn Belly Fat Effectively

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You are working as desk officer and do not have much time to take an aerobics class, running, walking or dancing but want to have an ideal belly. Try the following 6 foods to burn belly fat effectively.


Almond is rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrition and fatty acids. Although this kind of nut contains a large amount of calories but that does not make the belly fatter. Moreover, almond is a source of vitamin E and protein which help you feel full for a longer. So eating almond will help you not only to provide the energy for the body but also control food cravings that lead to weight gain.


Watermelon is an ideal fruit to lose weight, especially in belly. This fruit is low in calories but contains about 92% water and many nutrients which is good for our health. It is sweet, easy taste and a good food to diminish your food cravings. So do not forget watermelon if you want to have wonderful belly.


All you know that all kinds of vegetables are the best foods for losing weight, including losing belly weight. All vegetables contain low in calories but much fiber and many healthy vitamins which are good for our digestion and help us to feel fuller.


Many people think that avocado is full of fat and if being on diet, never eat avocado. However, some studies have shown that although avocado contains much fat but it is rich in fiber and some vitamins help to control your food cravings and burn fat in the belly. There are many recipes with avocado such as salads, eat raw, juice…


Drinking enough water has many benefits that will help you healthier. Water helps our body release toxins and feels fuller. So if you want to have good belly, drink water frequently.


Strawberries have good taste and contain many healthy nutrients such as vitamin C and fiber which can produce a hormone that stimulates the metabolism and lower fat absorb. You can add strawberries in salads, make strawberries juice, strawberries yogurt… (Also checkout hcg diet food list)

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