6 Fresh Summer Styling Tips for Women

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Summer is the season when you get rid of all the layering and take out light and fresh colored dresses. Summer also brings an urge to update the closet and buy new, trendy and cool outfits. In summer you want to look stylish but you do not want to compromise your comfort by wearing too much accessories or heavy fabric.

Here are some of the tips that you should remember before you go summer shopping.

Prefer loose clothing:

You should avoid buying tight cloths for summer because they can easily get sweaty and comfortable. The loser cloths are preferable for the hot season. In summer you want cloths where little fabric is touching is the body. Loose and flowing dresses are stylish and perfect for high temperatures. They will keep you cooler and more comfortable than tight pants or shorts.

Selecting natural fabrics:

Summer is the time for natural fabrics as they are airy and breathable. Cotton is more preferable as compared to rayon or polyester. Cotton fabric is not just breathable but god at absorbing sweat. It also dries pretty quickly so you do not feel uncomfortable and sweaty. Synthetic fabrics are not a good choice for summer.

Avoiding heavy embellishments:

The accessories are good for making you look stylish and fashionable but it is important to keep the season in mind before you select the embellishments because if you choose the wrong ones you  will end up feeling uncomfortable. During the hot season you should avoid heavy accessories that end up weighing the cloths down because they will make the cloths stick to your skin which is not good for summer season. If the cloths stick to the body it will end up trapping the body heat and in summer you will need airy and cool outfits.

Always have a shade:

In summer, you should always take shade with you because it will keep the skin safe from the sun rays and make you look stylish.  You can choose a wide brimmed hat because it is light weight and easy to wear. You can also choose a woven scarf and drape it over shoulders and head if you think you are getting too much sun. The woven scarfs are also light weight and available in variety of designs and colors.

Select unlined pieces:

While selecting the dresses, skirts and jackets you should always look for unlined pieces because the lining becomes an extra layer and makes the dress heavy. The lining is often synthetic which makes is unsuitable for the warm weather as it can affect the breath-ability of the fabric.

Choose the right bag:

It is not possible to go anywhere without a bag so you should select the bag that goes well with the summer outfits. Avoid using backpacks as they can stick to the back and make you feel sweaty. The womens shoulder bags are a better option as they can worn cross body or on one side but they will not stick to the body hindering the air flow.


Keep these things in mind and you will be able to keep a stylish and comfortable summer wardrobe.

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