6 Important Things to Keep in Mind Design Industrial Business Site

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Industrial website owners are investing too much money for marketing and promotions but getting low profit. We will help you to boost your profit by improving your website design. A good website design can increase your website conversions and sales. Checkout some important things to keep in mind before design a industrial website.

Website Looks and Design

Elegant website design is a symbol of trust and branding. You should improve website UI and UX so users can feel comfortable. Good looking website design can create good impression on users’ mind and you know that “First impression is the last impression”. You can improve your conversions and sale.

Well Structured

Website structure and Navigation should be good so user can easily find their solution and convert quickly. You should make a website hierarchy before going to website design. You should categorize your products/services to improve user experience. 

Mobile Friendly

Every day mobile users are increasing continuously and you should design your industrial website for mobile too. Responsive website design can help you to make your website design for all devices (mobile, desktop, tablet). You don’t need to waste extra money for separate mobile website design. Responsive industrial design can help you to increase your traffic and conversions. Mobile friendly design can help you to get ranking in mobile devices.
Note: CGColors provide responsive design in the same price. You don’t need to pay extra for mobile website.

Speedy Load Time

A study says that 60% users bounce out if you have more than 5 second page load time. You should choose a web design company which provides fast loading website design. Less than 3 second of page load time is the best speed for website. Website hosting is also responsible for load time so choose best hosting provider and improve page load time.

You can check your website speed from given tools…
Google Page Speed Checker

Note: CGColors provide free page load time optimization with website design. We use world’s most trusted Hosting provider “Amazon” which can help you to improve your website speed and conversions.

We also work on Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Zen Cart design and development and theme customization, migration.

Add Trust Indicators

Generally, Users don’t trust online products or services and don’t buy till they are not satisfy so add some trust indicators like big news logos, reviews, awards, certificates, client’s testimonials etc.

Add Contact Form/Call to action in All Landing pages

Adding a contact form or a call-to-action button in above the fold area of all landing pages can boost your conversions and sale. This can help to users to contact you quickly. A “Contact Us” page is not enough and people may struggle to find the “contact us” page.


Conclusion: You should avoid poor website design and find a good web design agency which provides all the above things in your budget. 

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