6 Motivational Tips For You To Lose Weight

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Many people want to know the true secrets for successfully losing weight. Because excess flab in the body is unattractive to look at, some people tend to get frustrated and impatient to lose weight. They end up using strategies that either do not work for them or do nothing but harm their health.


Burning the excess fat on your body will result to a healthier you. Before you start attending aerobic exercise classes or going to the gym, you have to know what your goals are. Having these goals embedded in your head will help you create the right mindset for losing weight.


Here are some motivational techniques to help you stay focused on your goals and finally achieve a healthier body and a more attractive aesthetic.

Understand What Caused Your Excess Weight

Overweight and obesity cases are usually caused by lifestyle choices rather than heredity factors. According to a study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, promoting the notion of genes as the cause of obesity can decrease one’s motivation to commit to a healthy lifestyle decision.


This means that if you believe that being overweight is caused by unhealthy eating habits, you are more likely to rethink your actions and become proactive in becoming healthier. Instead of blaming your genetic makeup, focus on what you can change in your health and life to achieve the slimmer body you want.

Picture Your Dream Physique

Picturing the kind of body you want in your head will help you stay motivated for reaching your goals. For example, picking a model with a similar body structure as yours (but only thinner and healthier) and using it as your phone screen saver will serve as a constant reminder that you need to stay focused on your weight loss goals.


You can also put one photo on the fridge or beside your working table.

Pick A Friend To Lose Weight With

dietWorking out on your own can sometimes feel a bit dragging and uninspiring. Losing weight with someone who has similar goals as yours will help you stay on track.


If you cannot find a close friend or relative, you can join a support group with similar goals and achieve them together. Keep yourselves updated and share valuable weight loss tips and recipes.

Instead of Dieting, Vamp Up Your Kitchen

Dieting does have an impact on the speed of your weight loss. However, this will not serve you if you want to keep the weight off for good. Once you have lost all the excess weight, there is a great chance that you will revert back to eating poorly and gain back all the pounds you have lost.


What you can do Instead is to focus on long-term healthy eating habits and stay motivated for eating clean. This means finally eliminating junk food in your home and only eat fresh whole foods. They contain less calories and are packed with nutrients.

Consider Exercise As Fun

If you are the type who does not enjoy working out, you need to find ways to keep your exercises more interesting and fun. You can stick to a certain workout routine for a month and switch it up later.


For example, incorporate other activities like boxing, road running, pilates, or even Zumba. You can also start cycling around your neighborhood in the mornings and cut out stationary cycling in the gym.


You can also workout with your friends and keep yourselves motivated. Exercising with people whose company you enjoy will feel a lot less like work and more of an enjoyable pastime.

Expect Setbacks

Just like in life, there will be setbacks in your weight loss journey. There will be days that you do not feel like exercising or eating healthy, or the numbers on your scale do not seem to go down.


Do not feel discouraged by this and just keep going. Soon enough, you will see the results you wanted.


These motivational tips above are useful for anybody who is trying to lose weight to become fitter. But before signing up to a gym membership, make sure to consult your doctor first to get his or her professional opinion on how you can effectively lose weight.

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