6 Steps to choose a video production company

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1.From highly professional portfolios to a music video to an advertisement, there are professionals out there who deliver on the very same! Getting an impressive video is the first step at getting you or your business recognized and as the age old adage goes, “First impression is the last impression” you should be aiming at nailing the job and getting the best video out of the company you hire. But before shaking hands you should remember to keep points in check and get the best fit of the production company for yourself. You can choose from an array of online video production companies to your local companies and find yourself the best.


  1. View Their Portfolios- Before saying yes to any firm it is imperative to look at their track record and the kind of work they do. If you love the production quality, only then reply in affirmative. Remember that it has to be your best representation for your company and if you feel you can place your name with the company go for it. Visit their site for portfolios and customer testimonials.

  2. Check whether their idea matches your vision- It is important for both, the client and the production company to be on the same page for the ideas to take shape as you want. If they make a video which is different from your expectations, it will do no good, because if you as the creator, are not impressed not many will.

  3. Ask them their plan- Knowing how your work will be managed at the company is vital as the company should deliver an all-round video and you should be informed of any exclusion (many times editing is excluded). Ask them whether they get their own actors or you will have to contact a casting company and be informed of the equipments they use.

  4. Ask them how they decide if a video is good or not- Asking this question is a great way to get to know the company’s ideals. A creative company will answer you in the most simple but impactful way, and then you are good to go.

  5. Ask them about the timeline- Remember that it is your video and you are the boss here, get to know about the timeline they propose for the work and get it altered according to your needs. If you are running on a tight schedule get the timeline to fit yours.

  6. Ask about the licenses and copyrights- Sure that your video will have voiceovers and musical scores playing. Ask them whether these have copyright claims or any other licensing issue as once made public, if for any reason the score is found to be a breach on the license, your video will be taken down.


Check all the above boxes to get the perfect fit for your company and get going for the perfect exposure.


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