6 Tips on Maintaining a Luxurious & Functional Kitchen

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Kitchens in modern homes aren’t meant just for cooking. Nowadays, the kitchen is considered to be the heart of a home where you can spend quality time with your family and entertain your guests. However, even if the only thing you do in your kitchen is cook, it’s important to keep it clean, organised and functional. Not only will you have everything at your hand, but you’ll also be able to accentuate the beautiful features of your kitchen.

Eliminate clutter

Although decluttering is quite boring, it’s a necessary step in creating a functional and stylish kitchen. Countertops covered with papers and mail and overcrowded shelves will create a chaotic atmosphere that will overshadow your lovely kitchen and its features. The easiest way to declutter your kitchen is by cleaning off all of your surfaces. Get rid of anything that you don’t need and store away other items. You can use dividers to keep your shelves and drawers neatly organised and find a place for every item in your kitchen.




Introduce a kitchen island

Not only are kitchen islands gorgeous and stylish, they are also extremely functional. An island will increase your kitchen’s functionality by providing you with plenty of space where you can both cook and eat. Furthermore, kitchen islands usually come with drawers, shelves and cabinets, so you’ll be able to free a lot of your space. If you have a small kitchen, you can go with a smaller kitchen island on wheels that you can easily move when you don’t need it.

Have plenty of storage

Storage is one of the key elements that every kitchen needs. By introducing additional storage solutions, you’ll be able to eliminate clutter and create an atmosphere of order and organisation. Depending on how much available space you have, you can introduce shelves, more cabinets, cupboards, dish racks and even hidden compartments. Moreover, storage can elevate your kitchen décor – a vintage wooden cupboard will look amazing in a traditional kitchen.



Pick the right appliances

When equipping your kitchen, it’s essential that you pick the right appliances that will meet your needs. For example, if you have a big family, you’ll need a large fridge that can store all of your food and weekly supplies. If no one in your family actually drinks coffee, you don’t really need a coffee maker. By overcrowding your kitchen with a lot of unnecessary appliances, you’ll reduce its functionality. Instead, choose the appliances that will meet your everyday needs and keep your kitchen functional.

Install appropriate lighting

Lighting is one of the most important design elements that you need to consider when decorating your kitchen. Not only will lighting keep your kitchen functional, but it will also elevate its décor. Since you’ll spend a lot of time slicing and dicing, you need plenty of focused light that will enable you to do it efficiently. Therefore, having plenty of task lights is a much more appropriate solution than installing a single overhead pendant light. You can install several fixtures on the bottom of your top cabinets to keep your work surfaces illuminated. If you work on your kitchen island, you can install several low pendant lights. In order to make sure that all the lights are properly and safely installed you should contact an electrician in Castle Hill and have them do the work for you.



Don’t forget your plumbing

Keeping your plumbing system in a great condition is of the utmost importance for preventing any serious issue from occurring. Therefore, it’s essential that you repair all leaky pipes and faucets, as well as take care of the clogged pipes. You can mix white vinegar and baking soda and pour the mixture down the kitchen sink as a form of routine maintenance. However, if your drains are clogged, you should seek professional help. Knowing reliable and reputable local experts is crucial. For example, a trustworthy plumber can respond quickly to any emergency plumbing issues. Therefore, it’s vital that you find an experienced professional who will take care of the problem quickly and efficiently.

By designing a functional and organised kitchen, you’ll have everything within your reach. In addition, keeping your kitchen clean and clutter-free will help you accentuate its beautiful and stylish features.


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