6 Ways to Make Your Trip Luxurious and Enjoyable (Even When You’re Not Flying First Class)

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Taking a trip can be incredibly stressful, especially when you failed to nab those first-class seats. Between catching your plane, renting a car, and arranging the house sitter, there are a number of things that could go wrong. Fortunately, a little planning and a little bit of research can ease those traveling blues.


Here are 6 ways you can make your next vacation a more relaxing one.


1.    Be sure to plan far in advance


Running around at the last moment while making sure you have your passport and your tickets can be a nightmare. In order to save some last-minute hassle, be sure you have all of your documentation in advance. You’ll want to double check and see that your passport hasn’t expired and that you have any visas necessary in order to travel. Knowing you have gathered everything in advance can help you feel less stressed going into the trip.


2.    Use services


There is a reason it costs more money in order to fly well. Using services that park your car at the airport, that pick you up when you land, and that offer you better meals can definitely be worth the expense.  You might want to upgrade your seat or see if you can get priority boarding. Along with determining what you will need before you begin your trip, take time and consider what extra service can really help you and save you problems down the road.


3.    Check for good deals on luxury hotels


While it’s no guarantee that hotels might have discounted prices, it’s often worth taking a look into what you can find and how much money it will be. Also, traveling on the off season can yield a number of deals at luxury resorts and hotels in the heart of the city you are traveling to. By choosing a luxury hotel, you also know that there are services available and that you can easily get transportation to and from the airport.


4.    Hire a guide


A private guide can arrange almost everything for you in advance and can be especially helpful when you have never been to a certain location before. Guides not only give you a first-class tour of the city you are visiting, but they also take much of the pressure off you for planning activities and making sure that you see the highlights. You can often hire a tour guide for a day or several depending on your location and how much you want to spend.


5.    Arrange airport transfers


There’s nothing more stressful than trying to catch your flight on time and finding yourself late. To avoid traffic, lines at the airport, and problems with customs, you want to make sure you arrive a few hours early. An airport transfer service will make sure that you are at the airport in plenty of time and that you have a few hours in case you run into any snafus. You can often do this online or at your hotel.


6.    Unplug






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This is perhaps the easiest way to enjoy your vacation. We all spend too much time on our devices, and taking a break can give you the relaxation and time away from work you have been craving. Put that phone on airplane mode and avoid contacting friends and family back home for a while.

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