7 Essentials Tools To Carry In Car While Travelling

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Emergencies can occur anywhere and anytime, especially when you are on the road. In most cases, they do take place when you are least expecting them. However, your sense of responsibility to deal with certain types of situations can save you from standing at an abandoned road.

For that reason, it is highly important to have a travel kit packedwith the necessary tools in your car every time you travel.The items that should be added to this kit include all important car repairing tools such as socket set, screwdrivers, car jacks, jumper cable, tire iron and jump starter. In addition to these tools you should have other essential items such as first aid kit, solar emergency blanket, water and food (if traveling long distances).

1.       Car Jack

You should have a car jack somewhere in your vehicle. It is a very important tool uplift the car and to remove a punctured tire and replace it with a spare one.

2.       Spare Tire

It is always possible to get your car’s tire punctured during travels,it may be due to bad condition of tire or bad roads. You need to replace it with a correct one so that you can continue on the go. For that reason, having an extra tire on your vehicle is very crucial to continue your travelling.

3.       Jump Starter

Your car battery is an important power source to let your vehicle start and do its regular functions. If your battery is old or near to expiry or you are visiting to cold areas, then there are chances that your battery may stop working. Then you need a tool that is a jump starter. A Jump starter has the power to recharge your car battery. It is an amazing piece of equipment which should always be in your vehicle to help you start your car whenever needed while traveling.

4.       T-Handle Needle

This is an important tool that is used to put in the tire plug into the puncture. Make sure you include it in your travel toolbox so that you can act promptly when dealing with punctures.

5.       Adjustable Jaw Wrench

This tool has a variety of uses. For example, you can use it to loose and tight the bolts on the terminal clamps on your car’s battery.

6.       Tire Iron

Tire iron helps you take out the lug nuts from the wheelcover to remove the tire. Usually, a tire iron comes in a large “+” shaped tool or you can also look for its more dense L-shaped option.

7.       Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is a tool that can be handy for several vehicle repairs such as changing the spare tire or spark plug on your car. It has simple to use to apply precisely an exact torque to a fastener.

A torque wrench usually comes in the shape of a socket wrench with exceptional inside mechanism. Make sure that you have a torque wrench which looks like a ½ inch square drive tool. 



Whether you are on a usual ride toward your workplace or going for a long family trip, safety should always be your first priority. Youjust cannot avoid travelling when living in the fast-paced world, and mishaps and emergencies are vulnerable during any kind of travel. So, it is highly crucial to get yourself prepared for all kinds of situations with having essential things in hand.   

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