7 Interesting Ways to Keep Learning While Travelling

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“Travel is like an endless University; you never stop learning.” said Harvey Lloyd.

 If we claim that we know everything we are lying to ourselves. Learning is like an infinite universe and an endless journey. We can learn from anything and everything every day. But to learn and experience something different we have to travel a journey that is endless. A journey of learning while travelling.

People usually find traveling a boring occupation. One thing can totally change the outlook of a person towards travelling and that thing is ‘Purpose’. Yes, travelling with a purpose makes the journey exciting. If we travel with a purpose of learning the travel will become fascinating.

Not all classrooms have four walls. Here are the 7 interesting ways in which a traveler can keep on learning while travelling that your University won’t teach you-

1)    Jump out of Comfort Zone:

Comfort zone as the word itself defines, is a zone where we all want to remain in. It is the most dangerous zone that hinders the process of learning. A traveler should always be open for learning and for that the comfort zone has to be left behind. Expand your horizons, travel solo, use public transport, and keep on changing the means of transport. The more you experience a variety of things, the more you will enrich your travel and at the end of the day, you will have a number of stories to tell.

2)    Be an Observer:

If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes, then you must have appreciated his unique skills of keenly observing the things. It is a significant quality that a traveler must possess. I am not asking to be exactly like Sherlock Holmes, just observe the things around you and question the very existence of that thing, whether it be a landscape, architecture, a new technological device you come across while travelling, an act of a child or it can be anything. Sometimes it does happen that a good observation power helps the person in overcoming a contingency situation.

3)    Live in Present:

No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship. You need to establish a connection between you and your surroundings. For an apt learning, the foremost thing required is to be in the moment. If our physical existence is at present, but our mind is wandering in the past or future, the purpose of learning will be tarnished. Enjoy the very moment and focus your mind on the present. Feel the air that passes by while travelling, enjoy the weather, experience the different smell that crosses at different locations, and keep your senses active. As I have mentioned earlier, the variety of things you will experience, the more you will enrich your learning while in a travel because life is nothing but a collection of experiences and the experiences get richer by the learning.

4)    Speak to the People:

One cannot find a better moment than being on a journey where we can interact with a lot of strangers. If you are a reserved person, this is the best way to learn to open up to the new people. We learn a lot from others, talking to the variety of people builds up a platform to share knowledge and experiences. Make new friends and build up a global network of people. A good traveler is never alone. A traveler earns the skills to get easily assimilated among a group of other travelers. The skill that a traveler earns from the experience of travelling also helps in daily life, being it the family or friends or office/business colleagues. This skill also builds up the leadership quality in a person and imbibes the quality of being a good influencer.

5)    Shed the Fear:

Many people find it difficult to travel alone. They fear the unknown consequences of it. Be courageous and bold. Do not think much about the consequences. Trust yourself and the journey and welcome the unpredicted with open arms. Expect the Unexpected. Remember a good learner always travels and complete the journey alone. This will make you not just physically fit but also mentally fit. It will build up the unparalleled confidence within. You will learn to enjoy your own company. You will learn to face and handle the unexpected things in life. You will learn to appreciate small things in life. You will learn the value of life. A new sense of independence will build up inside you. You will be able to connect with people irrespective of their language.

6)    Be open to other Cultures:

Human Beings become easily judgmental in everything. Travelling gives an opportunity to correct this habit and provides a vision to appreciate multiple dimensions of the things. Don’t hear what they say, go and see through your eyes, hear from your ears and feel from your touch. Try new things like food, clothes, learn new languages, and respect others opinions. Know the history of a distinct culture and talk to the native people. This experience can only be learned while travelling and can never be found in any book.

7)    Use the Technology:

Technology has changed the way we travel at present times. Make the effective use of the latest technologies. I am not encouraging you to make your journey more comfortable. Because remember, without pain there is no learning. But, with the use of latest technologies, we can make our journey more organized and can save a lot of time. Always get updated with the latest technological gadgets in the market and learn to use it while you are travelling. We are living in a Digital world. Without technology, we can’t grow in our professional life. A person can also utilize the time while travelling in learning a new technological skill that can help the person in his career.

There is a famous quote “Where there is a will there is a way”. If we find the ways of learning while in a travel we can resolve even the toughest problem in our life. The best solutions come to the mind when we are in a steady state. Travelling provides the ideal environment for the same. If you are physically fit, hungry to learn and be better, I will urge you to travel as wide and far as possible.


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