7 Mobile App Development features your company needs to deploy right now

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If you really want to make your website stand out you need to be mobile. But being mobile doesn’t mean just a mobile-friendly website, it means a mobile-only website. Companies nowadays are moving from market oriented to customer-centric goals. And for customers to connect fully you need to go for some basic benefits your mobile app needs when you go for mobile app development.

Here are 7 benefits that are necessary for you mobile app:

1. Mobile geo-targeting: It is easy to target users based on their location. A study reveals that app downloads rose to 34% when users were provided with discount options that are geo-targeted. Businesses can use geo-location technology to segment and target specific customers with location based discounts. Businesses can send location-based gifts to customers in close proximity.

“By using this approach, small businesses can decrease spend, narrow their focus and deliver targeted ads to consumers at the right time and place,” adds Roger Hurni, chief creative officer & managing partner, Off Madison Ave.

Moreover, combining geo-targeting with SMS alerts allow you to connect immediately with customers who are near to your business. Seek your loyal customers and send them a special gift based on their customer persona. They will not only like this gesture they will also share this goodwill with their friends and family which will eventually add value to your brand.

2. Mobile customer loyalty programs: Create a mobile loyalty program for your customers with tweets. Set up early bird discounts, and give away exclusive discounts who connect with you through mobile. Customers will not only get valuable information in this, they will also engage with your brand in a more personal way.

3. Mobile appointments and scheduling: A high-level services small business, like a beauty salon and also an exercise studio, employ a portable app permitting prospects in making consultations and also enroll in lessons via its intelligent cellphone and also tablet. Subsequently, utilize written text and also SMS message to make sure that consultations and also lessons in order to send out reminders.

4. Mobile payments: An advantage of mobile payment for business owners is the fact “mobile details may be included in some other apps (via the actual cloud) far simpler as compared with business cards and fliers,” claims Donald Mercer, inventor, SME Pals. “Transactions documents tend to be fertilized into various other portions of this business, perform by way of several technological know-how, such as information technology, taxation and advertising and marketing apps, building the full business enterprise additional automatic, successful and streamlined.”

5. Mobile Integration and communication: “Communication and connectivity are key for small businesses,” says Dan Ward, co-founder of mobile app development firm Detroit Labs. “Slack is a great example of a communications platform that can help to minimize email and enhance collaboration. Slack’s portable app lets you stay connected wherever a person is. It is incredibly less expensive for small business owners, too.”

“Apps just like Slack are fantastic so that you can use on a person’s cellular phone, as well as [they] allow team cooperation as well as prioritization connected with projects for firms associated with dimensions,” states that Bloem. “That they permit you to share data with one another, team up as well as discuss records and knowledge on this page as soon as so many people are on the go.”

Similarly, “Dropbox is essential for small business owners for report expressing,” states that Ward. “It gives you individual folders, discussed folders, team folders as well as a chance to admittance all out and about using a great portable app. A great deal more connected with devoted discussed drives including a VPN network simply to view a basic document.”

6. Super-fast mobile Customer Service: Mobile phone apps can also help organizations better help its customers. “We will need to answer clients inside of 4 hours so as to keep the reputation for nice assistance,” suggests Bloem. “Desk.com let’s all of us connected with customer care distributors to access shopper marketing communications from anywhere, which often makes it possible for those to always watch out for soaring shopper demands.”

“We use Zendesk to assist our clients with the lottery tickets along with asks in our purchasers,” suggests Indicate Tuchscherer, co-founder & president, Nerds Chicago. “Zendesk has got a local cell app along with we’re able to monitor customer assistance lotto tickets along with problems 24/7.”

7. Mobile Sales and CRM Support: “In terms of purchaser marriage operations, mobile phone CRM gives entrepreneurs a variety of features proper from his or her convenience,” affirms Anthony Jones, owner, and CEO, Insightly. “Keeping track of chores, associates, businesses, programs, assignments, e-mails along with your appointments may just about all materialize promptly in a mobile phone application. This specific relieves your need to jot down critical particularly ancient statements or even worse, looking to call to mind directly from memory.”

Using a cellular CRM solution, “as an alternative to stashing business card printing within a kitchen, businesses and also operators might quickly study and also create contact details towards its CRM and also create vital records about their innovative acquaintance,” your dog explains. In addition to “simply by skipping handbook entry, businesses [and salespeople] might save time of which is way better invested on developing client relationships.”

To conclude it all mobile app development is a must-follow trend for the year 2017. And if you are willing to go for mobile app development make sure to include all the features listed above.

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