7 Rental Apartment Decorating Tips

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The interiors of rented apartments are usually neutral, if not dull. To change everything is impossible for obvious reasons. What if your tastes do not coincide with the views of the owners of the apartment? We offer simple techniques that will help improve the interior without unnecessary investments.


1. Hide the furniture under the textile

If the owners of the apartment or house cannot part with their old furniture, you can have nice upholstery made for you in the nearest tailor’s. By the way, if you need to “modernize” a sofa or a massive armchair, you don’t have to have a sewing machine – you can simply cover this ugly piece of furniture with a light cloth and tuck it under it. You can simply drape furniture like this and they will look impressive, thus creating a bohemian interior in your Hayward one bedroom rental apartment.


2. Decorate the walls

If you don’t want to spoil the walls of your rental apartment by hanging your favorite photos or posters? The solution is simple – you can insert them into the frames or the passe-partouts and place them on an open shelf. It is best if the photo frames are placed at the level of your eyes. Such a decision can transform a one-room apartment. Plus, this decor is very easy to change depending on the season and mood, so that you will never be bored in your apartment.


3. Buy furniture

If there aren’t enough seats in the living room, buy a few poufs or chairs-bags to furnish your room. It is better to choose different ones, but overlapping with each other in color or shape. Such furniture is easier to transport from one apartment to another. If necessary, a flat pouf can play the role of a coffee table or footrest.


4. Buy a lamp

A typical drawback of rented apartments is a lack of lighting sources. You can solve this problem buying lamps – from classic models to unusual designer lamps. After all, they can be placed not only on the table, but also in other places.


5. Replace the curtains

You should choose the curtains with a catchy pattern. They will immediately “revive” the interior, even if all other items of furniture remain in their places. There are other bonuses: curtains in a vertical strip will make the ceilings seem higher, and sewn from the fabric in yellow tones create the illusion that the sun always shines outside.

6. Buy a carpet

The simplest way to refresh the interior of the bedroom is to buy a bright carpet. But it’s much more interesting to go further – you could pick up the bedspread, bed linens and pillows that resonate with this carpet in color.

7. Order a sticker

If the walls in the apartment are painted, and not covered with wallpaper, they can be decorated with special stickers. When moving out they are easy to remove: there won’t be any trace of them on the wall. This is an excellent solution for the children’s room, in addition, you can pick up “themed” stickers for the bedroom or the kitchen.


It is possible to choose many cinnamonapts.com apartments for rent in Hayward, CA, but the way they will look like depends on your imagination. Spend some time reading different articles devoted to the interior design and turn your place into a cozy and beautiful apartment.

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