7 Tips for Choosing the Right Farm Stay Accommodation in NSW

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It takes lots of efforts to plan a farm stay holiday. Choosing a destination takes a considerable amount of time and afterward, travel arrangements and accommodation all becomes a part of the entire process. However, a wrong choice can ruin the trip. Here, we’ll shed some light on how to choose the right farm stay accommodation to make your trip unforgettable.

New South Wales (NSW) is certainly one of the unique places on the planet to spend your farm stay holidays. Regarded as the most visited state in Australia, NSW offers a variety of farm stay accommodation providers. And picking the best one from them is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. We value your money as well as time, so we’ve provided you with the 7 tips to choose the right farm stay accommodation in NSW. Let’s walk through them one by one.

Choose the Right Farm Stay Accommodation in NSW

1. Decide on Date

Before looking for a farm stay accommodation, you have to decide where and when you’re going. Searching for accommodation without the probable date is a waste of time and money.

2. Put out a Shortlist of Best Available Facilities and Check the Availability

Once you have fixed a date and duration of your vacation, find the best farm stays in NSW around and make a shortlist of perfect holiday accommodations.

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Contact your shortlisted farm stays through phone or any other means of communication available. However, using phone is still the best and quick way to communicate as you can get better and up-to-date details from the reception.

3. Ask for Provided Facilities and Photographs of the Available Room

While on phone, you can always ask for additional details like what facilities they offer, the service charges, the activities they plan, as well as the food and beverages menu. You would prefer not to pay extra for the food after your pay an included fee to farm stay.

Besides, always ask for the photos of the rooms along with the facilities they offer such as pools, washrooms, and others. The pictures on the website could be extensively edited and can be misleading. Thus, you can even request them to mail you the non-edited or original pictures.

4. Look for Reviews

People tend to leave reviews after they spend their holidays at a farm stay in NSW. So, it’s better to look for reviews of the farm stay you choose. You can also ask your friends who have stayed there before. Usually, accommodations’ staff will evidently promise you superior things as they need customers. However, the experience of people who have stayed there before and their opinion about the place will be more useful to you.

5. Consider the Price

It is very important that you remain inside your financial plan. You would prefer not to miss outother joyful things since you have over spent on your accommodation, and now are sort on money. A highly priced room doesn’t generally ensure a comfortable place to stay and it doesn’t mean least expensive is the best. It is said, you get what you pay for. What you should search for while picking a farm stay accommodation is a value that offers the best quality.

6. Choose a Centrally Located Facility

Before booking a farm stay, check whether or not the facility is easily accessible from the core of the city. One of the best ways to save some bucks of money during your farm stay vacation is to select an accommodation from where you can get easy access to various attractions around the city. Of course, after shelling out a lot of dough on accommodation, you would prefer not to spend more on transportation.

7. Book Early


Given that farm stay accommodations tend to book faster, so your action is important. An early booking can not only save you a lot of money on airlines tickets, but also on accommodation. Moreover, you can get discounts on early bookings. 

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