8 “Interesting” Weight Loss Tips Celebrities Use that Actually Work!

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Have you wondered how celebrities manage to maintain their fabulous curves? They even manage to drop post-pregnancy inches quickly unlike some of us that struggle on vainly even after our youngest is over 10. So, we did a bit of research into the wackiest weight loss tips that the rich and famous swear by. And, here are some of the most ‘interesting” ones.

1. Almond and Carrot Diet

If you’re looking for a svelte, toned body that looks perfect in a ballerina tutu, then this is the diet you need to follow – for more than a whole year. The result? You can expect to lose more than 20 pounds. That’s real dedication. For Natalie Portman, it meant getting into the role of a real ballerina for her part in Black Swan. You’d probably need a lot more motivation to survive on just carrots and almonds. 

The downside? It’s obviously not sustainable. What happens when you get to your target weight and start eating normally?


2. Alkaline Diet

As WebMD explains, this diet aims at balancing the high acid levels in your body that take away from your weight loss efforts. And, to do that you’ll have to eat only alkaline foods. The items allowed on the diet chart include fruits, vegetables, soy products, legumes, and certain kinds of nuts and seeds. Any processed foods, dairy products, eggs, some grains, and meat is off the list. Whether this diet actually helps with weight loss is beside the point. But, it does help Elle Macpherson look fabulous. 

The downside? There are no downsides but know that your body balances the pH levels on its own and the foods you eat have no real effect. But, this diet is certainly healthy and sustainable.

3. Carbohydrates-Free Diet

Healthline reports that eating very little carbs can actually help you lose weight. A carb-free diet has various health benefits including lowered blood sugar and hypertension. The principle behind this diet is simple. Your body needs carbs to burn for energy and in the absence of carbs; it uses up the fat available. Since your kidneys remove sodium, you’ll experience less of bloating. So, yes! This diet works, as Megan Fox will tell you.

The downside? This one’s a great diet too. And, it’s healthy though not really sustainable. Once you reach your target weight, you could give in to some amount of temptation.


4. Cayenne Lemon Water Diet/ Master Cleanse Diet

This diet aims at helping you rid your body of toxins and lasts from three to 10 days. You’ll drink only a mixture of water, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and lemon juice for the duration of the diet. While the main ingredients like cayenne pepper and lemon juice are no doubt beneficial, this weight loss program may not be such a good idea. The Master Cleanse Diet as it is also called stepped into the limelight when Beyonce adopted it for her Dreamgirls role.

The downside? You’ll have absolutely no nutrition going into your body while on the diet. And, while you may lose some amount of weight, watch out for fatigue, low energy levels, and dull skin. Sustainable? Do we need to answer that?

5. Elimination Diet

Gwyneth Paltrow swears by this diet that simply involves dropping a whole list of foods from your daily diet. Any food items that can potentially cause you food allergies or disturb digestion are excluded from the list. Like, for instance, dairy products, orange juice, gluten-containing products, and some kinds of meats. As the Clean Program recommends, you’ll follow this diet for 21 days. 

The downside? If this weight loss system works for you, that would be great. And, since the diet allows you to eat nutritious food, it is sustainable. You could even turn it into a lifestyle practice.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar Diet 

Apple cider vinegar is accepted as having a whole range of health benefits. For instance, it can help you lower blood sugar and hypertension. And, yes, it can boost weight loss and rid your body of toxins. Drink two teaspoons just before sleeping and when you wake up in the morning. Just make sure to stir the vinegar into a cup of water. Does it work? Heidi Klum thinks so.

The downside? Apple cider vinegar sure has lots of benefits. But, you’ll need to follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen along with it. Don’t expect the vinegar to work magic.

7. Werewolf Diet/ Lunar Diet

The Werewolf diet recommends that you eat according to the phases of the moon. Followers of this diet like Madonna and Demi Moore claim that it can help you lose up to 6 pounds a day. Most of the actual weight loss brought about by using this program is because of the fasting and the fact that your body is losing the excess water or fluid retention.

The downside? If you intend to eat according to this program for a full 30 days, make sure to work with your medical practitioner who can monitor the nutrition levels your body is getting.


 8. Ginger Tea Diet

Ginger tea has several health benefits for your skin and body. Can it work for weight loss? Read this BHRC article that we, at Alux found. Apparently, drinking a couple of cups of ginger tea through the day can raise metabolism levels and help you shed the pounds. You can also grate and add the root to your food to help keep you feeling full longer. Ginger can help you with various ailments such as congestion, indigestion, nausea, muscular pain, and others.

The downside? None at all. Great, isn’t it?

There you go. A list of 8 diets that celebrities (including the lesser known ones at Alux) use. Go ahead and try them if you dare. And, do tell us how it goes. 


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