8 of the Most Expensive iOS Apps and Games

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With so many mobile app users preferring to download free apps, it’s hard to imagine how any paid apps, especially the most expensive of the bunch, could ever survive in the industry. But they can and they do because these successful apps have done everything right to achieve success, such as applying the right marketing strategy. It is well known that an effective marketing strategy is important to helping a business succeed, and Premium Monetization Platform like Appnext can help app developers understand real-world user context to deliver a mobile experience that is unmatched.

It is this unmatched mobile experience that helps the most expensive iOS apps and games succeed in the marketplace. With that in mind, here are 8 iPhone and iPad apps that will put the biggest dents in your wallet.


  1. Pro LogMeIn


Giving you the freedom to be in two places at once, this app is rated as being the top reliable remote access tool. It allows you to access your Mac as if you were sitting right in front of it. You also get 1 terabyte file storage, so you can easily store all of your files, access them from anywhere and easily share them with anyone you want. Other feature include remote printing, password management and multi-monitor display. There are different price ranges for this app, with the highest being over $1,500 per year.


  1. VIP Black


Known as “The Millionaire’s App”, VIP Black is actually designed for millionaires and claims to be “the world’s first premium lifestyle app.” This lifestyle management app gives its members extra-special experiences like surprise gifts, complimentary upgrades, welcome packages, priority access and other privileges across iVIP Limited’s worldwide range of luxury services and partners. This might include on-demand concierge, exclusive restaurants, hotels and other luxuries. VIP Black costs $999.99.


  1. Water Globe


While there are some expensive iOS apps that provide you with cool technology and features that are worth the money, there are others, like Water Globe, which might leave you scratching your head. The reason is Water Globe is essentially an interactive screen toy that enables you to play around with different globes and make them snow or make them change gravity. This app, which was also featured on the Business Insider top list of most expensive iPhone and iPad apps in the world, costs a surprising $299.99!


  1. Barcelona Vs Madrid


This game is based on the classic soccer rivalry between the teams Barcelona and Madrid. With decent graphics and simulation and being easy to play, it’s definitely an entertaining game. However, it’s also just shy of $300.00. Considering the game was released back in 2013, and still sells for this price, it’s safe to say it’s a little too outdated to be worth the expense.


  1. TouchChat HD – ACC with WordPower


This is a full-featured communication app that has been created for individuals who struggle to use their natural voice to communicate. It is designed for individuals with Down Syndrome, Autism, apraxia, ALS, stroke and other conditions that can interfere with a person’s speech. It is a unique, practical and valuable solution that has both English and Spanish options. It costs $299.99.


  1. CyberTuner


Arguably one of the best apps for piano technicians, it is a tuning software tool that has reportedly undergone rigorous testing by master piano technicians around the globe. It is said to be extremely accurate and very easy to use. It has received a lot of positive feedback from Apple users, which is good considering it carries a price tag of $999.99.


  1. app.Cash


This cashier system has supposedly been designed for all purposes. It acts as a virtual cash register for iPhone that will process transactions. Other than that, no other real details have been provided by the developer for this multilingual app, which is surprising considering it’s a whopping $999.99. Without really knowing why this app is so expensive, it’s safe to say that there are other less expensive POS apps worth looking into if you are in need of one.


  1. Vizzywig


Although the least expensive app in this list, coming in at a mere $99,99, Vizzywig is an award-winning US patented video editor and multicamera studio. It is an all-in-one application that combines both recording and editing in the camera view. It enables users to shoot multi-camera recording in HD, 4K and 5K. With this app, users can import photos and videos from digital cameras and photo albums, as well as edit and transform them.






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