9 Issues Students Face During Adolescence

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Arguable the most memorable time in a person’s life is their adolescent phases. People love to reminisce on times they had before worrying about adulthood; when they had more time with friends, and had some adventures along the way as well. However, not all parts of adolescence are positive to remember, as there are still various issues that teens face the they’re coming of age. Here are several of these issues.

youth 13 – 25


Education is an important part of a person’s life, an experience that is less enjoyable than others in part due to bullies. When acts of bullying are being committed, school officials need to be reported as soon as possible.


Racial discrimination is the hardest things for a teenager to handle. Even though it is considered to be tasteless by many today, it is a practice that is alive and well in a number of forms today, and youth 13 – 25 agree. It isn’t just a teenager’s issue, but one that is known to be very present in one person’s teenaged life


While parents are working around the clock to earn a steady income, they are not there to regulate their child’s eating habits. Because most children do not know how to cook healthy meals, they resorts to eating junk food regularly, as well as choose watching TV over getting exercise. Obesity is a disability that causes several different diseases.


Being materialistic means that we need only the best. Almost every high school student is accompanied with a smartphone, and they all wish to drive in a nice, new car, play the hippest video games, watch the edgiest shows, and listen to the next big single playing on the radio. The stigma is that students will be respected more if they embrace them, and cast aside if they do not. One of the main reasons why teenagers feel the need for these things are the expectations of today’s society.

Premature Sex

Teenagers develop a need to indulge in sex because they realize that it is a way for adults to have fun. Many countries do not teach proper sex education, and thus students do not learn about what happens before, during, and especially after sexual intercourse, which is often a problem that can easily be prevented.


Teenage pregnancy is often caused by premature sex. Both partners have sex and not know about the ramifications that follow the intercourse. In some countries, teenage pregnancy is acceptable in countries that allow the marriage of underage couples. Pregnancy and infant care often gets in the way of their education, and a child born from an underage parent can lead to long term health conditions.


There are many teenagers who fall victim to substance abuse during high school. Teenagers who are still living at home are willing to face this issue. The two main causes of drug addiction for youth 13 – 25 are peer pressure and depression.

Pressure From Parents

Most parents expect their children to perform well academically, in hopes of landing a good job as the student becomes an adult. If the student has other ideas, such as pursuing a career in music, the parent expresses a great disinterest in the idea and discourages his or her child.

Managing Time

There are 24 hours in a day, and many students find it difficult to manage their time properly. If one third of their life is spent sleeping, and another third of their life is spent at school, there is a struggle for how to manage that last third with education playing a major factor. 

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